More Than 50 Retired Wrestlers Sue WWE Over Neurological Injuries

Dozens of retired professional wrestlers, both male and female, have filed a lawsuit against the WWE in an effort to hold the entertainment company responsible for neurological injuries they say claim to have suffered while performing in the ring. [More]

(via ABC News)

Allegedly Armed Intruder Chooses The Wrong Wrestling-Themed Restaurant To Mess With

When presented with a list of businesses that you might not want to mess with, one that has a wrestling theme and is run by a former WWE star and her husband would probably be right at the top of that list. Nonetheless, police say an armed man got into a tussle at a Chicago wrestling-themed restaurant, and let’s just say he was not successful. [More]

Most Stores Pull Chris Benoit Action Figures

Most Stores Pull Chris Benoit Action Figures

Most stores pulled their stock of Chris Benoit action figures after the WWE wrestler murdered his family, but the toys can still be found by those morbid individuals, and reporters, who look hard enough.