How To Make Cheap Laptop Desks

Laptop desks can cost a stupid amount of money, but luckily for you they can be constructed with IKEA stuff, sandpaper, and a saw.

IKEA hacker has laptop desks or holders created from a sawed-off stool, a paper towel holder (weird), and a kitchen shelf. We like the stool one, personally. It costs $19. The one he was copying cost $150. Win.

need a laptop desk? diy your own stand [IKEA hacker]
(Photo: IKEA hacker)


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  1. tonkyhonk says:

    Uh, just buy one from Ikea.


  2. randalotto says:

    I’m actually quite happy with my “Table-Mate II”, bought off of eBay for $20.

  3. tozmervo says:

    @tonkyhonk: That’s not the same thing. Those are stands for typists, stenographers, etc. You can use those lying down.

  4. chooki says:

    What happened to my dumb comment? How did all but 3 get deleted?