How To Get A Cheap Divorce

We’re not saying you should get divorced, but if you’re going to get divorced… why not make it a cheap divorce? ABC News has an extensive article about cheap divorces and how to get them. The main message seems to be that you’ll need to put aside your differences and work it out… and if you were good at that you wouldn’t be getting divorced, right? From ABC News:

Greenberg said the most common mistake couples make is to assume that justice is an absolute.

Each party firmly believes that if it gets its day in court, it will be vindicated. But, according to Greenberg, going to court is a gamble. “Justice can be elusive,” said Greenberg. And, she adds, more than 95 percent of all divorce cases end up being settled out of court. “There’s a reason for that.”

Even though it’s tempting, resist the impulse to run out and hire that famous “attack-dog” divorce lawyer you’ve heard so much about. “They’re in pain and they’re hurting and they’re afraid of getting screwed and they feel powerless, so they reach out and get a lawyer … but getting a lawyer doesn’t always have to mean getting a warrior.”

Greenberg advocates trying to talk to your partner before you rush to the experts.

The moral of this article is that the meaner the divorce… the more expensive it’ll be.

How to Beat the High Cost of Divorce [ABC News]

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