Internet Reacts To Geek Squad Sting Op Video

Slate: “That can’t be good for business.”

Gizmodo: “For shame, Geek Squad! (You’re not supposed to get caught!)”

Network World: “Who the heck steals porn? I mean any 12-year-old can find all anybody should want for free.”

Wired Blogs: Gadget Lab: “…be careful where you shop for repairs.”

BoingBoing: “By the time your PC needs repair, it will be too late to lock down. Plan ahead, grasshopper!”

Slashdot: “A related story from a former Geek Squad employee details the decline of the Geek Squad and Best Buy ethics in general.”

PREVIOUSLY: VIDEO: Consumerist Catches Geek Squad Stealing Porn From Customer’s Computer


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  1. superlayne says:

    Yay! You made a mini meme!

  2. holocron says:

    And…you’ve survived the /. effect.

  3. exkon says:

    You know this wasn’t a bad idea, but I was also thinking…

    Why you also didn’t take to private PC repair shops and see how well they performed.

  4. axiomatic says:

    /. normally would tell you that if your PC had Linux loaded on it the Geek Squad would have optimized the OS kernel instead of stealing your porn.

  5. uricmu says:

    The problem is not the porn anyway, it’s the “personal photos”…

  6. Trai_Dep says:

    …Remember, kids, don’t name your folder containing your personal photos “Naked Lil’ Movie Stars”. Because after Geek Squad repairs your hard drive, boy will you feel awkward while picking it up.

  7. DHock says:

    @Exkon: I agree with this idea; I definitely have known (either through working with or watching colleagues bring computers to) private techs who wouldn’t hesitate to find and take anything on the machines.

    Really, it wouldn’t be the porn on the computers that would bother me, but imagine them taking personal photos and using them in a… well, an illicit way? It makes my skin crawl just to think about it…

  8. sooz123 says:

    Well, you know I’ve never dealt with Geek Squad because fortunately I’m the do-it-yourself kinda gal, but if they’re anything like the clueless Best Buy employees who talk like they’re experts (during which my brain is having a seizure and imagining their head exploding), copying files is probably all they really know how to do… they’re just trying to do enough work to earn their $30 afterall!

    Did someone on the original post comment that they would take their computer in to have it defragged? WTF? You’d disassemble your system to take it in for THAT? Um, that person might be better off if the so called “technician” spilled a soda IN the CPU.

  9. Network World: “Who the heck steals porn? I mean any 12-year-old can find all anybody should want for free.”

    BRILLIANT! Finally, someone who recognizes this simple, yet true fact.

  10. Andrew says:

    Being a quasi-part time computer repair guy myself, I can say that the temptation to snoop is very strong for us geeks. People keep their entri lives on their PC, and then they just hand it over to a complete stranger… it’s like taking your wallet in to get mended but leaving the money, credit cards, pictures of your kids, etc in there. My advice: make friends with your local geek; people are less likely to violate your privacy if they like you.

  11. pseudogeek says:

    I would always be wary when getting tech support from poorly paid teenagers. You will find the same problem with any service bay that treats their employees the way best buy does. They (the geek squad peeps) have no motivation to maintain good behavior because if they get fired, they can find another, equally crappy job within a week.

    One of the major problems with the way Geek Squad is being run is that they are trying to apply the same sales strategies they use to run the retail side of their business. You cannot run a tech bench like a retail store. It just does not work.

  12. @charonn0: You are so right, its not even funny.

  13. ctech_05 says:

    I used to work for a smaller computer company that had many computers come in and out the door. There was one supervisor that would continually check up on us and ask us if we found anything “interesting”. He was busted before for porn at work. We were told to copy the good stuff if we wanted to just don’t let the boss find out. I got sick of being harassed about not getting the porn. I eventually got sick of it and quit my job. On my exit interview I in formed the boss about my super’s actions. He was let go a short time after that. Most of the repair people I know only look as far as they have to, fix the problem, then return the system. It makes better business to fix it and get it out then waste time finding porn. There are those times when it is let out though and you can’t help but to find it.

  14. majortom1981 says:

    If you want honest techs do not go to huge stores like best buy. any small time tech maybe who is in business by themselves would be much better.

    heck if you are nice your local tech at your public library might help you (i know because i am one of those techs at a library)