2.3 Million Customer Records Stolen, Sold To Direct Marketers

Fidelity National Information Services, a financial processing company, announced today that one of its employees had stolen 2.3 million customer records containing credit card, bank account and other personal information, and sold that information to an unidentified “data broker” who then sold the information to various direct marketing companies.

“As a result of this apparent theft, the consumers affected received marketing solicitations from the companies that bought the data,” said Renz Nichols, President of Certegy Check Services in a statement released on Fidelity’s website. “We have no reason to believe that the theft resulted in any subsequent fraudulent activity or financial damage to the consumer, and we are taking the necessary steps to see that any further use of the data stops.”

The company has notified credit bureaus and credit card companies of the breach. It will also be personally notifying consumers who are affected by the theft and seeking a civil action to stop the use of the stolen data. The employee has been fired.

Fidelity National Information Services Announces Misappropriation of Consumer Data by Employee of Certegy Check Services Division (Press Release)

2.3 million consumer financial records stolen [MSNBC] (Thanks, Omar!)

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