Apple Gives Macbook Smasher A New Macbook

Apple contacted me over the weekend and arranged for me to pick up a new macbook on Tuesday…

I am also going to be posting a follow up video for youtube to explain how apple went above and beyond any expectation I had for a company.

The popularity of the video got someone’s attention and they exchanged the broken pieces of the old macbook for a brand new model… I’m very happy now. Apple bent over backwards for me, and they assured me a simple letter would have gotten the same results. I suppose I might have to try that next time before I break out the sledge…


If you recall, Michael was pissed because Apple denied his warranty repair, saying there was liquid damage. Michael denied spilling any liquid, and made a video of himself smashing his Macbook with a sledgehammer.

Now, for the future, remember that if you want to dispute an Apple warranty denial based on alleged user damage, you can request pictures. Also, like Apple said, a letter is probably in order. Then again, you can’t deny the power of an effective product smashing video with over 100,000 YouTube, 48,000 views on Consumerist, views and 1400 diggs.

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