The key to escaping living paycheck to paycheck is to not just spend less than you earn, but to save it as well.


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  1. kaikhor says:

    Ok, so we should save, but in what form? IRA, Stocks, Savings Account, CDs? There should be more here…

  2. bhall03 says:

    Actually, if you are spending less than you earn, where does the money go if not in savings? Are you going to tell your employer you will take a pay cut so your income matches your expenses?

    Is it just me or does this seem like a ridiculous post? Where is the STING story?

  3. Twice a month I would deposit my paycheck, pay my bills, and then look to see how much was left. Whether the surplus was $20 or $200, I made plans for it: comic books, video games, clothes, whatever.

    But that’s not spending less than what you earn, that’s spending exactly what you earn.