Personal Finance Bloggers Say "Maxed Out" Has Non Sufficient Funds

We’re not the only ones irked by the Maxed Out documentary.

All Financial Matters also disliked its lack of attention to personal responsibility and found it overly politicized with, “snippets of nasty, mean Republican’s siding with credit card companies and nice, responsible Democrats standing up for Americans.”

Get Rich Slowly said, “While I acknowledge that the credit industry preys on the poor, there are millions of middle-class Americans in debt because of bad decisions, because of a consumeristic lifestyle. I should know — I’m one of them.”

Both, however, found it a good expose of how you can be taken advantage by predatory lending practices if you’re not extremely careful when you borrow money. Certain kinds of debt, like for appreciating assets, are okay, but most people would be better off not buying things they can’t afford to pay with cash on the barrelhead. — BEN POPKEN

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