Incontinental Airlines

In this video, Continental Airlines blames the river of excrement that passengers endured on a 8-hour international flight on some gloves flushed down the toilet. Eyewitness Collin Brock also snagged a nice picture of a stewardess walking around in a DIY gag-mask [sic]. People, you know that sign with the syringes, towels, cups, cobrasnakes, etc etc going into the toilet? And there’s that big ol red line across them all? Yeah, it’s there for a reason. — BEN POPKEN

PREVIOUSLY: Continental Airlines Sewage Flight, Eyewitness Account


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  1. lincolnparadox says:

    I could be wrong about this, but spending 8-hours sitting next to a river of crap sounds like a good reason for granting passengers a free ticket. If the $500 voucher covers that for everyone, I’d say that’s fair.

    Unless someone got really ill…

  2. hypnotik_jello says:

    What good is a free ticket if people are turned off of flying Continental in the future?

  3. Wormfather says:

    Well let’s say you paid $4,000 for a first class seat. I’d be more than willing to take that voucher and, to quote The Rock…”Shove it straight up their candy asses”

  4. Pelagius says:

    You’re telling me a single pair of latex gloves can so bollocks up a airplane toilet that it resists attempted repairs by maintenance then proceeds to spew sewage throughout the plane?

    Don’t tell Osama.

  5. Wormfather says:

    oh and to add..

    If ya smeeeeeeelllllllllll what The Rock, is, cooking.

    Sorry about the 1999 WWF Flashback.

  6. CaptainRoin says:

    Continental needs to get those toilets that can flush 24 golf balls.

    [this one]

  7. skittlbrau says:

    thanks consumerist – i should just read before lunch and i have a new diet!

  8. dvddesign says:

    I hope our toilets are working on my non-refundable tickets to Tokyo in October.

  9. pete says:

    This reminds me of a trip I made to Italy years ago (out of JFK).
    I was soo pissed (pardon the pun) that our flight was delayed for 6 hours because somebody flushed a blanket down one of the toilets.
    Looking back now, I’m glad they held us up…

  10. Wormfather says:

    @pete: You’re joking, right? A @#$#ing blanket. The only time I’ve ever heard a blanket being flushed was when there was a baby in it. Thank god that wasnt the case.

  11. TinaT says:

    So I can flush a pair of gloves down one toilet and it blocks up all the others too?

  12. pete says:

    I didn’t personally see it, but that’s the flight crew told us.
    A f’ing blanket.

  13. shades_of_blue says:

    So they can kick a teenage girl off her flight, due to a cough, because the pilot is concerned about the safety of his ‘passengers’. Yet it’s ‘safe’ for the poor bastards in coach to endure 8hours of airborne fecal bacteria?!?! Someone’s got some explaining to do.

  14. RebekahSue says:

    It will be interesting to see how many people report illness from breathing that shit for seven hours.

    If the gloves were really latex, I also wonder if prints can be lifted. (Cue Who are you? [Who, Who? Who Who?] because Warrick Brown can “get a print off air.)

  15. factotum says:

    Have you EVER seen someone bring latex gloves on a flight? The only ones I’ve seen were on the last remaining cleaning crew who were still on the plane during a short, tight turnaround. They shouldn’t have allowed the passengers to re-board in Shannon since the system was obviously still malfunctioning. Continental could easily have ferried another plane or chartered one from a different company.

    (In)Continental: I’ll never fly you again!

  16. @Wormfather: It is no problem. I think I agree…

  17. Johnny D says:

    im in ur airpleen toylits, spillin ur shitz

  18. chimmike says:


    it’s not that easy to “ferry” another plane in. The vast majority of their aircraft are in service at any given time. And if they were to “Ferry” an aircraft in, it would have been from Houston or Newark, and would have taken many hours. Plus, they would have had to locate two SPARE crews (good luck on that one), because each crew can only fly for 8 hours per FAA regulations. And it’s not that easy to lease a large aircraft or charter one that quickly, that has the same FAA credentials. So, until you deal in the industry, I’d keep that opinion to yourself ;)

  19. chimmike says:


    1) They couldn’t “easily” ferry a plane in. If they could, it would’ve taken MANY hours.
    2) Then, they would’ve had to locate TWO spare crews ( good luck with that one) because each crew can only fly 8hrs per FAA regulations.
    3) They can’t just charter an aircraft of that size on the fly. That too, would have taken MANY hours.

    So, what other uninformed opinions do you have to share?

  20. Plex49 says:


    I think the point you’re making about the glove is being missed and important. It sounds like an employee of Continental clogged their own toilet. They must have misread the sign with the syringes, towels, cups, cobrasnakes, etc.