Give The Gift Of Tech Support With A Free Day Pass From Fog Creek Copilot

Fog Creek Copilot is celebrating Father’s Day by giving away free Day Passes, allowing you to finally prove to your father that you are better than an Indian customer service representative. Copilot is a zero-configuration utility that lets you seize another person’s computer like a Mongol horde. Except instead of pillaging and burning, you install Firefox and remove spyware.

While connected as a helper, you see the desktop of the person you’re helping in its own window. As you move your mouse within this window, the other’s mouse pointer moves, and as you type, the text appears on both of your screens.

Don’t think tech support is a real gift? Were it not for our ability to resurrect our father’s beloved Albertus Medium font, he may have strangled himself out of frustration with the very ties we gifted in years past. — CAREY GREENBERG-BERGER

Fog Creek Copilot
(Photo: ebeth)

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