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  • Wedding Cakes: Buy Or Rent?
    Faust1200 says: “Buy your cake, rent the wife. It makes terminating the contract that much easier.

  • How To: Drive Slower
    Jeffj-nj says: “I’ll obey the speed limit when the speed limit starts making sense.

  • $4 Gas? So What? Sales of SUVs Up 25%
    iMikesays: “These are the last days of the American Empire.

  • Bottled Water Costs 1,000 Times More Than Tap Water
    Y2julio says: “I drink tap water from NYC tap without any filtering, it tastes better then any fancy bottled water crap.

  • Judge Suing Dry Cleaner For $54 Million Cries In Court
    Mackjaz says: ““NOOOO! Take Me, God. Let my pants live!!!”

  • Safari for Windows Has Glitch That Could Let Attackers Take Complete Control Of The PC
    Seth_Went_to_the_Bank reminds us: “Safari 3 Public Beta, Safari 3 Public Beta, Safari 3 Public Beta

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