Kodak To End Flash Photography?

Kodak says they may be able to end the need for flash photography and the resulting red-eye with a new sensor. From Reuters:

The world’s biggest maker of photographic film says its proprietary sensor technology significantly increases sensitivity to light. Image sensors act as a digital camera’s eyes by converting light into an electric charge to begin the capture process.

Kodak’s new proprietary technology adds “clear” pixels to the red, green, and blue elements that form the image sensor array, collecting a higher proportion of the light striking the sensor.

Manufacturing customers interested in the design will likely get a chance to sample it in early 2008, but Kodak’s McNiffe was unsure when devices using the technology would be in stores. The technology could be used at first in devices such as cell phones and eventually products made for industrial and scientific imaging.

This could change the look of Blue States Lose rather severely. Tragic.—MEGHANN MARCO

Kodak says camera sensor may eliminate flash [Yahoo!]
(Photo: Meghann Marco)

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