Nu-Life Owns The Trademarks For Innovage AND DS-MAX

Nu-Life, the company so mad at us about “adversely” affecting its DS-MAX trademark, saying that old DS-MAX became Innovage and Nu-Life has nothing to do with the actions of old DS-MAX or new Innovage…

….actually owns the trademarks for both DS-MAX AND Innovage.

Check the US Trademark Electronic Search System entries:


An odd coincidence, considering the perverse series of emails Richard Shapero (pictured, left), Director of Nu-Life, sent in an attempt to squash our reporting and assert such distance between the present DS-MAX and Innovage/Old DS-MAX.

Nu-Life’s ownership of J.U.I.C.E. is inconclusive, but readers may recall how in Brian’s experience and research, Aftermax companies used “Juice,” meaning, “Join Us In Creating Excitement,” as a term of congratulations. — BEN POPKEN

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UPDATE: Gaby sends a final email to Richard…

Gaby Darbyshire


cc Ranjan Das , Jack Smugler

date Jun 13, 2007 8:26 AM

subject Re: DS-Max

Richard, I am simply not going to engage any further on this matter. Please have your lawyers contact me direct if you insist on continuing this, this conversation is getting us nowhere.

However, you should be aware that your perseverance in this matter has naturally led us to investigate your company further in order to find out exactly what all the facts are in this web of intrigue. And so it is a surprise to discover that Nu-Life is the owner of record of the the Innovage trademark:

We of course now feel that it is important to provide this new piece of information for our readers in order to help clarify this complicated picture. It certainly muddies the waters concerning your attempts to distance yourself and DS-Max from the actions and practices of Innovage.

Perhaps we can stop this nonsense now and all get on with better things to do in our lives. We’ll move on to other stuff soon enough; but this story will run and run as long as you give us continued incentive to investigate your claims.

Regards, Gaby

[ed Note: No definitive ties have been established between Midtown Promotions and DS-MAX/Innovage.]

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