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  1. MercuryPDX says:

    Hmmm… it IS about time for my yearly “What can we do about lowering my interest rate on my credit card with you” calls….

  2. Bay State Darren says:

    Actually, it’s been one year since Vincent started the call…

  3. ReverseCarpetbagging says:

    Wow. A year from that call? I have to admit, that’s how I found the Consumerist and was hooked from that point on. I’ve become a loyal reader (and an awful poster).

    Still haven’t tried the Best Sandwich ever in Brooklyn, but I plan on doing so before the summer is over.

  4. blindInTexas says:

    cancelled GymX and Golds gym this week does that count?…wife’s accounts not mine… told her that the facilities on Post were just as good as those and free.

  5. Triteon says:

    Happy-ish Anniversary, Vinnie! I remember the original post fondly, and the CNN interview, and Nightline, and…
    Ben, is there a cake anywhere?

  6. LVGurl says:

    I really like the concept of what this site stands for. Being female, I find that I either need to take large, biker looking male friends with me in order to conduct certain types of business, ie taking the car to the mechanic or; accept that I am about to reach a level of frustration that no human being should be taken to without having committed a serious crime. I used to request small vials of lubricant whenever I encountered certain businesses that automatically assume that, if you don’t have a kickstand-you must be an airhead.
    I actually took a small jar of vasoline to my cheverolette dealership when I had some transmission trouble. Yes, I gave it to my service rep after he charged me over $100 for a ‘transmission diagnostic’ and then returning my vehicle to me in under 5 minutes after the charge went through on my credit card. (You’d have to understand mechanics to get that one)
    Anyway, having a structured site to go to and vent with feedback sounds like a soothing balm for ones’ soul.
    Pick me.

  7. Ikki says:

    Vince was the reason that I got hooked on the Consumerist. Like RCB, I can’t believe it’s already been a year since then.

  8. Kifune says:

    I wasn’t reading Consumerist back then — thanks for posting this, totally made my morning!

  9. Vinny says:

    Awww shucks guys, you’re making me blush :-)

  10. jeffj-nj says:

    The video is better than the audio…

  11. royal72 says:

    lol, i don’t know how you stayed so calm. i’m sitting here talking to my computer saying “CANCEL THE FUCKING ACCOUNT!” as i’m listening.

  12. @LVGurl: I don’t know, I see mechanics and dealers try to jerk men around also. They have become more equal opportunity hosers.

  13. lesbiansayswhat says:

    Has anyone from AOL ever responded to this post?