Man Escapes Working For DS-MAX-esque Charity Scam, Lives To Blogs His Tale

A reader who used to work for Quantum Marketing, one of the “Aftermax” companies, (the term for companies that old DS-MAX (now known as Innovage) spawned), wrote several posts describing how his company scammed people who thought they were donating money to D.A.R.E.

Scam of a lifetime
“We’re helping the kids with the DARE program…”
Piece of Atmosphere
“This type of business has been tagged with the nickname “corporate cult…” I didn’t realize until I was knee-deep into it.”
Quantum Marketing, Charity & ‘Events’
“What they don’t tell you is that they only give the charity 20% on certain products, like the T-shirts and duffel bags, and supposedly the kids ids. This translates into roughly 5% or less of the overall proceeds…”

Scammy operations like Glen discusses lure in suckers to toil for 100% commission slave-work using big-name job-posting sites. If you’re looking for a job this summer, look out. — BEN POPKEN

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  1. zolielo says:

    Interesting. I have been thinking of changing over to nonprofit work. I guess I better double check the firms.

  2. Hawk07 says:

    My friend donated to these guys once outside of a Best Buy store. I don’t know why he felt charitable, but I knew the people collecting were up to no good.

  3. Skeptic says:

    Well, then that would be a double scam.

    Studies show that DARE doesn’t work. At least one study showed that kids who go through the DARE program are more likely to use drugs than similar kids who don’t go through the DARE program, but DARE is a political juggernaut that people want to be seen supporting, facts be damned. Another example of feel good politics winning out over reality.

  4. spanky says:

    What Skeptic said.

    I hate the scammery, but I can’t really work up much outrage at the fact that they’re skimming from that DARE racket.

  5. Venkman says:

    I love that Consumerist is further attempting to provoke DS-MAX… “DS-MAX-esque?!!” You guys are really trying to get sued aren’t you?

    I’m afraid that your lawsuit baiting has seriously eroded my opinion of your journalistic integrity. This may yet be a valid story, but I don’t get why you would try to relate these stories… I feel like I’m being shaken to awareness to the Consumerist’s lack of integrity just as I was shaken to awareness to a lot of the corporate BS that you guys claim to debunk.

    Lame. So, so lame.

  6. bedofnails says:


    Hey joker, maybe read past the title next time:

    “A reader who used to work for Quantum Marketing, one of the “Aftermax” companies, (the term for companies that old DS-MAX (now known as Innovage) spawned), wrote several posts…

  7. SactoKev says:

    For me, DARE simply taught me which drugs I would try, and which would seriously f- me up. A cop showing up in the classroom once a week for about a month? Great deterrent.

  8. Trai_Dep says:

    So yet more freepers ooze out of the woodwork, this time defending DX-Max. Outstanding! Do you guys get paid a buck ($0.50 for the manager, $0.25 for your supervisor, $0.25 for you) per post?

  9. firefruze says:

    arg, its so depressing how many of these scams are out there. I’m looking for a summer job and have applied so far to 2 of these scams and approached by another. It gives me the shivers to hear almost word for word what was going on at these places… but really I firstly don’t understand how these companies are so profitably considering the high turnover rates, but also why they are still legal when they blatantly lie to people.

  10. PatrickIs2Smart says:

    I’m pretty sure I got duped by one of these companies… I was coming out of FedEx Kinko’s and they stopped me and I looked at the DARE stuff they had for sale. I gave my usual, “I’d love to donate, but I don’t have any cash on me…” The girl then replied, “Oh, no worries, we take credit cards too.” Fantastic… so my next defense is, “Great! Do you take Discover?” Since nobody really takes Discover, I figured I was off the hook… not so much. She had to make a phone call to find out if they did take Discover, and then I was $21 less. The name “Safety Events” showed up on my bill. Bastards…

  11. consumed says:

    Sounds like Herbalife.

  12. Trai_Dep says:

    Heh heh. I had a couple teenaged girls come up to me asking if I’d like to buy and contribute to their group that helps Keep Kids Off Drugs.

    They caught me off-guard, so I just blurted out, “But drugs are FUN!

    Wow, did they scamper away. I was so happy at the reaction that I was skipping like a girl for the rest of the day.

  13. Ben Popken says:

    @RampantOctopus: Considering you said:

    I’ve worked internally for one of these companies (for the corporate entity, not as a sales person) and while I think much of my employer, I have to say that they were on the up and up– it was the field distributors who were pulling questionable stuff…

    I’m really not worried about your faith being shaken.

  14. bja2563 says:

    I was on an All-Day Observation recently with Atacora Enterprises, based in Baltimore, MD. It didn’t take me long to figure out that Atacora Enterprises was a scam. Atacora is also associated with Geopat Enterprises, which are both scams and affiliated with Quantum Marketing.

    The Day of Observation is described exactly as has been all over the web. So, you are selling products to donate to DARE? Interesting that only 20% of some of the produts actually goes to DARE while the rest goes into the pockets of the company and goes towards commission to the “marketing rep”.

    They were charging tax for all items and also took cash, checks, and credit cards. They did refuse flat out donations from customers for fear of being caught and being sued.

    There’s no depth to how low this company and all of its affiliates will sink to prey on the minds of innocent customers, thinking they are donating to DARE, Toys for Tots, or any other non-profit charitable organization.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I worked for this company for 2 years. They actually dropped it from 20% to 5% now. I didn’t know everything until the end. I was actually engaged to one of the owners and this company ruined our relationship. This company put me in more debt than i started with. I was just fresh out of college looking for a job as an event coordinator when i took the job. I only took it because I liked what I thought they stood for, boy was i wrong. I am just trying to find a job as a coordinator that works with legitimate charities and truly helps make a different,