Gives Customer "A New Hope"

ShopLego is super nice about sending you out new Legos for free when your mail truck plunges into a gorge, writes Anne:

We’ve had a Star Wars Lego Clone Trooper Battle Pack on backorder since April. When it was going to take longer than expected for the package to be sent out, Lego sent us a apologetic letter giving us the new shipping date. We thought that was nice. The new shipping date came and went, and we’ve been wondering what had happened. A 9 year old boy was getting pretty anxious about it.

Yesterday we received a delivery notice from Canada Post telling us our package was waiting for us at the post office. We called this morning, and the employee warned us that the truck delivering the package had been in a serious accident en-route, had rolled over, and many of the packages had been damaged. Unfortunately ours was one of the worst she’d seen… but that we should come down and see for ourselves…

We picked it up and it looked pretty bad. The package was almost completely destroyed. The box was badly squashed, and full of pieces of dirt & gravel. (see photos attached) Canada Post included a letter of apology.

We were optimistic that it might still be ok, since Lego is already in a bunch of little pieces anyway, but unfortunately there were some broken plastic pieces, including a Stormtrooper who was now an amputee.

We just called the toll free number and a nice woman named Caitlin answered. We explained that our parcel had been damaged in transit. We offered to send photos but she said not to worry, she’d ship us out a replacement, just like that. Yay, Lego!

Here’s a link to an article about the accident that claimed our parcel; unfortunately there were some injuries.




Kudos to ShopLego for coming through (not a bad showing by Canada Post either). But the real hero is Anne, If she hadn’t picked up that phone and asked for what she wanted, she might’ve been left with some smooshed Clone Troopers. A little proactiveness goes a long way. — BEN POPKEN

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