Walmart Nazi Tshirt Watch: Week 29

29 weeks after Walmart agreed to remove shirts bearing Nazi iconography from its shelves, and 17 weeks after getting a letter from Congress demanding the shirts removal, they’re still there. Adam writes:

So I’m at Wal Mart in Commerce City, CO looking for a gift for a friend and start rummaging through the T Shirt section not looking for anything in particular, just killing some time. Suddenly I notice this familiar looking skull peeking out at me. “Surely it can’t be…” I think to myself. Oh, it is…. I grab it and pull it out; there it is in all its glory. It’s like finding a piece of history. Nazi Wal Mart history.

We keep posting these to show you how some businesses manipulate the by-the-books media. A fracas erupts, the company send out a public statement apologizing and pledging to change their ways, the press publishes it, everyone feels goods, and we turn to a clip of Scrappy the Jet-skiing squirrel. Guess what, the company doesn’t always do what they said they were gonna do. — BEN POPKEN

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  1. roche says:

    I hope they take the shirts off of the shelves so you guys will let this asinine story die once and for all.

  2. Mojosan says:


  3. Bullseye says:

    Don’t stop. This is great. Regardless of whether they should or should not sell the shirts they stated that they would remove them. This shows a quantum failure by Wal-Mart to control their inventory. This is a major logistical failure by the world formost distribution company.

  4. AlteredBeast (blaming the OP one article at a time.) says:

    The back of the Consumerist shirt should have read, “A shirt that DOESN’T use Nazi graphics.”

  5. Erskine says:

    It will be enough when Walmart cowboys up and takes the shirts off the shelves LIKE THE PROMISED IN WRITING.

    Until then, if you see a post with the words nazi and shirt in the title – ignore it.

  6. castlecraver says:

    Yup… keep it coming. Walmart’s feet need to be held to the fire on this, and no one’s going to take notice unless Nazi shirt sightings get posted. Also interesting to highlight the fact that the only way a directive can really operate from high above inside the mammoth Walton-universe is to just take the SKU out of the register computer. Obviously there aren’t adequate systems in place to direct individual managers to just remove the damn things from the shelf.

  7. dbeahn says:

    Coming next week to a Wal-Mart near you: Joe “The angel of death” Mengele ROCKS the HOUSE CD’s. Get a “I wish he’d flayed off MY skin” T-shirt FREE with purchase of the DVD…

  8. Tristan921 says:

    I think it is commendable to let Walmart know that it is NOT acceptable to sell Nazi gear. However, I believe this is missing the forest for the trees and the effort should be broader than just foccussing on Walmart. (Also, many people apparently think Walmart is more evil than Hitler.) The real issue is the significant growth of the skinhead and other movements that use Nazi symbology in the last couple of decades, which as created a mass market for such Nazi gear. This has been driven by bands such as Marilynn Manson and Rammstein that use allusions to Nazism to atract young people and have become acceptable to the mainstream.

    When people belittle you for speaking out about Nazism, you can point them the play by Max Frisch entitled “Biedermann and the Fireflys”, which is about middle class complacency in the face of Nazism. First you will be belittled for speaking out. If that doesn’t work, and when they are powerful enough, they will silence critics with threats and/or actual violence. It is better to criticize Nazis when they are still relatively weak than to wait until it is obvious to everyone that it is a problem. I think it should be a concern, though, that mass marketers like Walmart are now catering to Nazis. That gives you an idea what the numbers are. The 1978 date by the way apparently refers to the founding of the Nazi Punk/Skinhead movement.

  9. arcticJKL says:

  10. adrock75 says:

    Really, why doesn’t Wal Mart hire Consumerist readers to go out to their stores and find these t shirts and remove them? They obviously can’t do the job themselves.

  11. Codis says:


    Marilyn manson and Rammstein are spreading nazism? Thats ridiculous. What are you gonna say next, video games are responsible for all school shootings? I dont really feel like getting into a whole lengthy discussion on this topic, but lemme just say this, Marilyn Manson married a JEW!

  12. cde says:

    @Tristan921: /This has been driven by bands such as Marilynn Manson and Rammstein that use allusions to Nazism to atract young people and have become acceptable to the mainstream./

    What allusions would that be?

  13. cde says:

    @Codis: And Rammstein has some pretty homoerotic pictures of themselves floating around.

  14. Tristan921 says:

    Marilynn Manson uses Nazi symbolism such as the Nazi colors and Nazi style clothing. Not to mention the sadisistic and harsh style of the music. The band is named after Charlie Manson, who was an admirer of Adolf Hitler, no? I havn’t looked at Marilynn Manson so much yet. But here is some info on Rammstein:

  15. Paul D says:

    @Tristan921: bands such as Marilynn Manson and Rammstein that use allusions to Nazism to atract young people

    Never mind Marilyn Manson (who, as someone already said, married a Jew); he uses Nazi imagery purely for shock/schlock value. The fact that Rammstein is a German band is pretty much the only thing that even remotely connects them to Nazism. Congratulations. It’s only 11:30am and you’re already in the lead for “Most Ridiculous Thing I’ve Read All Day.”

    Back to the topic at hand. I think these ongoing Walmart/Nazi items are great and Consumerist should continue to follow this story. It’s important for precisely the reason that Ben gave in the article:

    the company doesn’t always do what they said they were gonna do

    29 weeks is unacceptable. I hope everyone remembers this next time they hear a Walmart executive touting their “world-class supply chain and logistics model.”

  16. Erskine says:


    As this is YOUR site, I kind of have a problem with POV issues…

  17. Paul D says:


    Ah, the definitive analysis from an amateur symbologist with an axe to grind. News flash: a symbologist would argue that the Christian Coalition’s logo includes a Muslim crescent:

    Your source is a kook.

  18. evilrobot says:

    “This has been driven by bands such as Marilynn Manson and Rammstein …”

    Mom, turn off the intarweb and go watch Dateline.

  19. For what it’s worth, I actually had the chance to meet some of the guys in Manson’s band several years ago. Nicest folks you could hope to meet. It was in Europe at a touristy flamenco guitar concert, and one of the guys–it totally ruined my assumptions–kept talking about how he was homesick and just wanted to get back to North Carolina to spend time with his wife and kid.

    Speaking of missing the forest for the trees, the big implication in this story is, how good is Walmart at removing items that have been recalled (by Walmart or the CPSC)? Apparently not very. What does that mean for the food, medicine, and auto parts Walmart carries? If it can’t purge its inventory of offensive t-shirts, how can consumers be sure it can purge tainted beef or tampered Tylenol?

  20. Paul D says:

    @Ted’s Famous Kickin Chicken: If it can’t purge its inventory of offensive t-shirts, how can consumers be sure it can purge tainted beef or tampered Tylenol?

    An excellent point.

  21. Tristan921 says:

    Oh no, here come the smoke screens and talking points from people that think criticizing people for promoting Nazism among kids is somehow a violation of their constitutional rights. Said nazi-promoters are always the darned nicest folks you would ever care to meet have married a jew is homosexual, is a homosexual married to a jew, blah, blah, blah… Hehehe. :-)

    Rammstein goose-steps on stage and has a webpage dedicated to Adolf Hitler, including Hitler’s baby pictures, not to mention the more subtle illusions to Hitlerism. I gues it doesn’t take a Ph.D. in Symbology Interpretation to figure that one out, eh?

    If anyone has an ax to grind, I would assume it’s those people who act like criticizing the promotion of Nazism among young adults is unconstitutional.

  22. creepyfriend says:

    I found one in Suwanee, GA. I sent them an E-Mail with pictures. Hopefully they will post it soon.

  23. Melov says:

    Again, who cares.

  24. Paul D says:

    Who said anything about the constitution?

    When I see Manson or Rammstein promoting Nazism rather than lampooning it for shock value, I’ll be sure to criticize them. Loudly. Unfortunately for you, to date it hasn’t happened.

    It is indeed your constitutional right to be a nut with a kooky theory. It’s also my constitutional right to think you’re wrong.

    Now get back on topic.

  25. roche says:

    @Tristan921: Wow, you have taken being a douche to a whole new level…..

  26. Tristan921 says:

    Paul, no you haven’t mentioned the constitution, but people usually get to that point and you and others (see roche’s douche comment) seem sometimes terribly upset that I would even criticize them for that. Also, I have 30+ pages of material with their videos on my website. You respond negatively, before you even had time to look at what I have there. I am not sure why people get their panties in a bunch that I criticize people for making allusions to Nazism in order to attact fans. Is it because you sympathsize with those who promote Nazism, or what is exactly the reason that you don’t like it when people criticize the promotion of Nazism?

    Lampooning means to redicule and if you look at my website they are clearly not lampooning Nazism. If they are lampooning anything they are lampooning the people that criticize them for promoting Nazism. The ADL and British Anti-Fascist league have both cited them for their use of Nazi symbols. The ADL does not normally cite people for rediculing Nazism. They rather appove of that. :-) Apparently you don’t.

  27. roche says:

    @Tristan921: It has nothing to do with being “terribly upset.” I called you a douche for pushing your own anti Rammstein agenda when it has nothing to do with T-Shirts at Walmart.

    I could care less about that band. You on the other hand seem quite obsessed with them considering you have taken the time to assemble thirty plus pages of propaganda against them.

    Go outside, take a walk and lighten the F up…..

  28. Indecision says:

    @Tristan921: “Paul, no you haven’t mentioned the constitution, but people usually get to that point…”

    So, you’re condemning people for what you think they might do?

    Why isn’t there a “block user” button on this site?

  29. Erskine says:

    Ok, time to stop feeding the troll.

  30. Tristan921 says:

    >>So, you’re condemning people for what you think they might do?

    No. Some have already done it enough times that I know the routine. I’m not condemming anyone. Just wondering why so many people can’t accept criticizing the use of Nazi symbols for commercial reasons? Do you have an idea?

    I forgot to mention personal attacks and trying to divert attention to other subjects as part of the usual strategies against anyone that has the audacity to criticise the use of Nazi symbols for promoting Nazism and/or commercial reasons.

    That people are promoting a mass market for Nazi gear seems also to be a consumer concern. I was in Mexico recently and a tourist store had Nazi and KKK banners, a Totenkopf ashtray and other Nazi gear for sale. They said the Rammstein and Manson fans were demanding the stuff. A Rammstein poster all in the colors of the Third Reich was in their display window, with them posing in black leather and and wearing the ersatz Nazi Cross that they use and a British “hostage” in a submissive pose before them wearing only a british flag wrapped around his private parts.

  31. bedofnails says:

    I hear Manson is actually sneaking these shirts back into Walmart stores.

  32. Tristan921 says:

    Roch, why do you care what I do in my spare time? I suspect pointing these things out is better use of my time than what you do in you spare time. :-)

  33. evilrobot says:

    My Aunts friend saw Rammstein making the shirts and give them to Manson. He makes Pogo drive the van.

  34. bedofnails says:


    Who cares? When will watchdogs like you just go away? It’s a T-shirt.

    Your aforementioned claim at mass market promotion of Nazi gear insinuates that it is done so for the promotion of the Nazi ideology, and principles – it’s not, you’re just being a watchdog over sensitive moron.

  35. mbrutsch says:

    Hey, trolls gotta eat, too!

    I bought a half-dozen Wal-Mart Nazi shirts back when y’all broke this story. *I* want Wal-Mart to stop selling them so I can unload mine on eBay.

  36. bedofnails says:


    Manson also ensures that the little children making the T-shirts also have blue eyes and blond hair.

  37. Erskine says:


    “Hey, trolls gotta eat, too!”

    This is Consumerist, not Checkers! ;)

    Seriously, there is no debate — Tristan doesn’t care what anyone else thinks. So why are we bothering to go off-topic with him? The issue is that Wallymart corporate are big fat liars.

  38. royal72 says:

    forget about the nazi imagery, what about the gay and sexual references used by rammstein and manson?! holly fuck, do you also realize that marilyn manson’s name makes reference to a murderer?!… the horror… omg we need more laws immediately to ban anything that may be obscene.

  39. royal72 says:

    @Tristan921: “… I was in Mexico recently and a tourist store had Nazi and KKK banners, a Totenkopf ashtray and other Nazi gear for sale. They said the Rammstein and Manson fans were demanding the stuff.”

    you are basing your whole point on what some random guy, in a tourist store in mexico said to you?

  40. Tristan921 says:

    Isn’t it interesting how many people always rush to attack the person that brings up this subject of Nazism, instead of discussing the details of the use of such symbols by these groups. Maybe they don’t want the details to be widely understood, so they attack the messenger? I’ve gotten quite a few death threats from the Rammstein fans. Some of them I posted on the website.

    I just think there is a much broader problem than whether Walmart is selling these t-shirts, or not. Not that I am against putting public pressure on Walmart to stop.

  41. Tristan921 says:

    Okay there goes Royal72 with the anti-constitutional thing as if I want to legally ban it. I just think people should inform themselves about how Nazism is being marketed and make their personal opinion known. In my opinion that would be enough to stop it.

  42. bedofnails says:


    Unfortunately, you fail to understand why your vain attempts decrying the “marketing of nazism” (That last nazi commericial was a hoot!) are so moronic…

    There is no one marketing nazism. The use of symbols in no way equates to the the mentality derivative of their original depiction. Furthermore, when some artist such as Manson uses said symbols in the public forum; it is done so in an ironic matter (the same way he depicts Christ), it’s always the watchdog groups with no interest in the music or art in the first place that mount their high horse and charge in to protect us.

    We don’t need your help.

  43. Indecision says:

    @Tristan921: “Isn’t it interesting how many people always rush to attack the person that brings up this subject of Nazism, instead of discussing the details of the use of such symbols by these groups.”

    That’s because we think your point is irrelevant, misguided, and out of place, and we just want you to shut up already. To us, there’s nothing to discuss, but you insist on discussing it anyway.

    When I say “we”, by the way, I’m not making anything up or putting words in anyone’s mouth. Several people here have quite directly asked you to go away. You seem to miss the point, though. You think they’re doing it as an attack on your argument. They’re not. They’re “rushing to attack the person” because it’s the person, not the viewpoint, that we don’t like. We think you’re insane, and we want you to go away.

  44. Erskine says:


  45. Tristan921 says:

    Bedornails, why do people like you feel that you need to make personal attacks? Just because someone brings up a subject that you would rather keep in the dark?

    Walmart is without doubt mass-marketing a Nazi-Symbol. If you read the comments from Rammstein-Fans that I post on my website it is clear that many of them think in exactly the same way as the original Nazis. The shop in Mexico did not make the Nazi and KKK banners themselves. There are companies somewhere that make the Nazi Gear and distributes it.

    If you study the symbology a little you will start seeing people regularly in the street that are displaying the Nazi colors and Nazi symbology of some type. I was explaining this to my friend and within a few minutes I pointed out one Guy wearing a shirt with the Iron Cross and the Nazi colors. Another store had a cap in the Nazi colors with “Skins” (for Nazi Skinheads) written on it. Some people can wear this stuff innocently, but a lot are not. They are displaying their political beliefs.

    People that think there are no more Nazis or other similar groups or any promotion of these groups are living in a dream world or are perhaps apologists/promoters of these idealogies themselves.

  46. Tristan921 says:

    @Indecision – I am only responding to your attacks. All I did was state what I thought the reasons are that Nazi symbals are being mass-marketed. I know who you mean by “we”. “We” are those who defend attacks on Nazis, for whatever reason they may have for passionately defending Nazis. :-)

  47. Erskine says:


    For the love all things non-nazi, ENOUGH!

    Ben or Meghann, can this end?

  48. kelmeister says:

    Risking the ire of many, I would like to thank Tristan921 for his comments, if I might.

    I haven’t listened to Rammstein’s Sehnsucht in a really long time, and because of his posts I’m now listening to it and remembering what a great album I thought it was. So, thanks for that.

  49. bedofnails says:


    Man your hopeless.

    By the way, I drive a Panzer.

  50. roche says:

    @Tristan921: Mexican Nazis eh?

    Your ideas are intriguing to me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

  51. Tristan921 says:

    It’s clear that some people want to discredit the messenger and then to suppress discussion of this topic, for whatever reason, we can only speculate. ;-)

    I don’t care a whit who listens to Rammstein. I’m listening to them myself quite a lot lately. I just want people to start looking for and noticing Nazi symbolism when they do it. Whether you want to or not, you probably won’t be able to avoid doing it in the future. :-)

    Remember the Nazi colors are Red/White/Black. Kaki brown is also used a lot by Nazis. Any symbols that look out of place or that the camera lingers on may be something they want to highlight. Of course, when Lindemann does something like goose-stepping on stage or displays the artillery of the Nazi warship Bismarck or shows photos of Hitler in a noble pose those are no-brainers.

  52. Tristan921 says:

    Mexico supposedly has a Nazi party as self-contradictory as it may seem.}pns.html

    Can’t imagine that it is very big.

    However, the people selling Nazi and KKK banners in Ensenada at the Suhauro Curio shop, I believe it was called, were doing it just for the money, not political ideology, same as Walmart in my opinion. It’s on the main tourist shopping street near the MacDonalds. I suspect they will still sell you something that looks like a Nazi Kriegsmarine flag, or a Totenkopf Ashtray, if anyone is headed down there this weekend.

  53. Tristan921 says:

    Just ask for they have any gear for Rammstein or M. Manson fans and they will haul out the Nazi stuff for you.

  54. royal72 says:

    (a) it’s just a symbol, a color, whatever (do some research on the history of the swastika for example).

    (b) just because someone wears a reference to nazis, doesn’t mean they’re pulling out a gun and shooting jews.

    (c) i’m not wasting my time looking around at everything and freaking out because a t-shirt is red/white/black or some guy has skull on his shirt.

    (d) there is no nazi marketing conspiracy as your alluding. if i write the words “cunt pump” on a t-shirt, someone will buy it and you will be just as offended.

  55. roche says:

    @Tristan921: I don’t think you understand so I will make this as simple as possible…… We do not care. We will never care. We think you have the personality of testicular cancer. Please go away and never come back.

  56. bedofnails says:


    Where can I buy this “cunt pump” t shirt you speak of?

  57. royal72 says:

    @bedofnails: probably have to have it custom made (too bad i don’t make shirts anymore).

  58. Tristan921 says:

    I am not sure why it upsets you so much then that I talk about it. Just ignore it if you don’t care. No one is demanding that you do anything about it. However, it seems that many of you can’t stand that other people even bring the subject up. So, in actuality you try to suppress it with personal attacks, insults, sacasm and irrelevant diversions without discussng the facts. Go read something else, if you really aren’t interested. However, it seems that many of you are just being disingenious and you care very, very deeply that people are critisizing promotion of Nazism. :-)

    People should not forget that Nazism was very popular in the US before WWII when there were those wonderbar, grand Nazi party rallies at Madison Square Garden, just like at Nuremberg. By Gott!! Those were the days, weren’t they! Ven people could wear those really smart-looking uniforms and march proudly arm-in-arm with the “Jungs” in the cool leather boots in the middle of Manhattan! Now people are quibling over one little measly Totenkopf t-shirt. How depressing, eh? :-)

  59. Smashville says:

    I can’t believe I wasted my time reading all that…

    Although I think the next Consumerist shirt should say “C*nt Pump”.

  60. bedofnails says:


    Actually it should read:

    “C*NT PUMP” —> Tristan921

    …with a Star of David for good measure.

  61. Tristan921 says:

    Oh yes, here come the “jewish” comments from people that think I am unfairly discriminating against Nazis, as if only Jews don’t like Nazis.

  62. roche says:

    @Tristan921: Get over yourself… geeze…..

  63. Trai_Dep says:

    @Tristan921: Oh Lordy, did you just say that Marilyn Manson is a Nazi? Really? Have you ever listened to his music? Or anything not written before 1978?

    Cuz that’s just – wow – the most asnine thing I’ve ever read.

  64. Trai_Dep says:

    And Ben, for the love of god, please create some kind of commentator vote thing for us to be able to temporarily ban trolls, and their comments, until you guys can review. If they’re on topic, great, ditto if they’re funny. If they’re trolling, they’re gone. Perhaps with a warning?

    Otherwise all the good commenters are SO going to get tired and leave.

  65. bigvicproton says:

    so congress, that currently sends people to kill other people, sends a letter to a store to stop selling a tshirt with a vague reference to people who killed other people 60 years ago. uhh. ok.

  66. Tristan921 says:

    @Trai Depp

    I said that Marilynn Manson uses Nazi Symbology in there works and that is pretty easy to demonstrate. See this video and remember Black/Red/White are the colors of the Nazi Reich.

    How many times do you see the Totenkopf as well as many other Nazi symbols in the above video?

    I also said these groups, Like Marilynn Manson, are in large part what creates the mass market for Nazi gear. The kids think the Nazi symbols are cool after watching these videos.

  67. ancientsociety says:

    @Tristan921: Everyone wants you to shut it because your comments/viewpoints/personal crusade have nothing to do with the article.

    You have your own blog, so stop trying to play the moral crusader/martyr here.

  68. Tristan921 says:

    One should also not miss the despicable racial signals Manson is sending in the video above.

    Ben should be glad if he gets some new readers that have a clue what it’s all really about and also have the intellectual capacity and education to be able to discuss it in a reasonable way instead of just making personal attacks and trying to suppress any real discussion of what the bigger picture is and what the causes are of this world-wide mass marketing of Nazi symbols and gear.

  69. Tristan921 says:

    All you have to do is stop the personal attacks instead of tyring to discuss in a reasonable way. Previously when I posted here, I only posted one time. What’s different this time is that many people started making personal attacks and even making derogatory remarks about Jews. If you want to stick your head in the sand or the object of this topic is just to attack Walmart, because people think they are “evil”, then fine.

    The way I see it the people that want to make personal attacks on me to make me shut up are the ones that are off topic. You people just get angry because I won’t roll over and am making effective replies to your personal attacks.

  70. joopiter says:

    OMG! I’m wearing red, black and white today…. I’M A NAZI AND I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW IT!

    So, anyway, back on the actual topic, has anyone actually gotten a statement recently from Wal-Mart as to why these things are still on the shelf? Just curious as to what the corporate bigwigs would have to say in their defense for their obvious inability to take recalled items off their shelves.

  71. Tristan921 says:

    It’s not just the occasional wearing of red/black/white that makes you believe someone is using Nazi symbolism. It’s when they use other signals in combination, such as Marilynn Manson’s frequent use of the Totenkopf symbol in the above video, the SS sign, photos of Adolf Hitler, etc, etc. As he says it’s a dirty word, “Reich”. Perhaps that is too much for you to process, though?

    Is it just that people believe that Walmart is a great World evil, worse than Nazism, that people only want to focuss on Wall mart and not other mass-marketing of Nazi symbols?

  72. joopiter says:

    Yes indeed. That’s far too much for my feeble nazi brain to process. Just like a joke is far too much for you to process. And if you were keeping up with the times, you’d see that Marilyn Manson has moved on to a “Lolita” motif, so clearly we should be accusing him of mass-marketing pedophilia now, not nazism. But we shouldn’t do that in this thread, because the actual topic of this thread is Wal-Mart’s inability to remove recalled items from their stores, which is why people keep on talking about Wal-Mart here.

  73. Tristan921 says:

    I didn’t miss the sarcasm. So much attention is always paid to Walmart’s re-called items? This is just about Walmart and not about the Nazi Symbolism. Or, do you just want to accuse Walmart of pushing Nazisum, but not the actual people that are creating that market that Walmart is responding to. It seems that I am not the only “moral crusader” here. It’s just that you have a different moral crusade against Walmart. Don’t you think that pretty much sums it up for many of the participants here? They are also on a kind of “moral crusade”, it’s just not against mass-marketing of Nazism, but something else.

    In a way that seems quite dishonest to me, because you only want to apply your moral standard to Walmart.

  74. ancientsociety says:

    @Tristan921: Hurray for rambling, confusing, illogical replies!

    You’ve won the Most Amazingly Complicated Logical Fallacy Award for the day. Congratulations.

    ….anyway, continue with your moral crusade against the Global Nazism Conspiracy, o great one! I’ll done feeding the troll for today.

  75. Tristan921 says:

    Let me see if I understand correctly. Most people here don’t care at all about mass-marketing of Nazi symbols. It is just a pretext to try to motivate people against Walmart, the real great Satan. Hahaha!

    And you guys have the gall to call me a “moral crusader”. What sleazy hypocrisy. At least I want the same standard applied to everyone. You guys should get a life and forget about Walmart. You’re not even on their radar screen.

  76. bedofnails says:


    Do you know what the term “mass marketing ” means?

    I’ve heard that shop keepers in Mexico have incredible marketing campaigns.

  77. Jack_Ruby says:

    This just goes to show what I’ve been saying for a while. That walmart isn’t inherently “evil” just that they are… incompetent to the point of negligence. Walmart couldn’t find it’s ass with both hands…with the light on.
    That’s what happens when you become a multiheaded hydra of the retail universe: you lose touch.
    I say that as someone who is offended that no one bothered to check before ripping off designs that turn out to be Nazi propaganda, and that even after being brought to a stores attention the product wasn’t removed.
    Even when many magazines are not carried by walmart, and cds are censored in the name of being family friendly.
    And as someone who worked at walmart (i know, i know, but health insurance doesn’t fall from the sky)

    On second thought… maybe they are just evil….nah!

  78. Tristan921 says:

    @Bedofanails. Your ignornace and prejudices against mexicans are showing. Do you really think a indivuidual shop owner in Mexico manufactures his own textiles? Even they have distributors and the banners/flags I saw were most likely not manufactured in Mexico, but came from an international distributor of some sort. Some of the products you see in Mexico, you can see in other parts of the world. Just because most products are not something you normally see in Podunk, USA, does not mean the mexican store owner manufactured everything himself in a lean-to behind the store. The leather products, silver items and crafts, etc. come via Mexican distributors. Man, some of you really need to get out and experience some other parts of the World. Man, what a bunch of yokels.

    Most of the writers here seem to be just Walmart bigots that want to use this SS t-shirt thing to beat Walmart over the head, but don’t really care otherwise or they are Nazi sympathsizers that want to shut the Walmart bigots the f#$k up, because they don’t want too many people to find out about the world-wide, mass-marketing to young people of Nazi ideas that is taking place.

  79. Codis says:


    Nice simpsons reference!!!!

  80. royal72 says:

    what, that’s it? no more to say tristan? would you like to comment on bush and the family being a nazi sympathizers.

  81. Trackback says:

    Looks like Wal-Mart is not being forthright with consumers, again. As if customers would not notice if their usual dog treats were no longer on the shelves. Why is it that this is happening again and again and again and again?