Harness The Power Of Terra Cotta To Keep Brown Sugar Soft And Granulated

We hate getting halfway through a recipe only to find our brown sugar solid as a rock. Thankfully, Curbly has discovered a way to keep us rolling in lusciously soft brown sugar.

So, some genius Canadians came up with this adorable option: a bear-shaped chunk of terra cotta that keeps your brown sugar pliable and granulated. And at the best price of three dollars (plus shipping), it’s a pretty good deal. But three dollars is three dollars, and when you can DIY one for 29 cents, you could better spend the remaining $2.70 on postage to send me the delicious goods you’ve baked with your eternally soft brown sugar.

We never knew terra cotta soaked in water for 30 minutes could suppress brown sugar’s petrifying urges. Check out Curbly for the full instructions. — CAREY GREENBERG-BERGER

Say Goodbye to Clumpy, Hard Brown Sugar (for 30 cents) [Curbly]

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