The $8,648 Burger King Bill

Guadalupe Pequino of Fountain Inn, South Carolina bought $8.64 worth of food from Burger King with her Visa Check Card. Unfortunately for Guadalupe, the cashier typed in $8,648.54 as her total and the amount was debited from her account. The restaurant corrected the error, but it took 5 days for the money to find its way back into Guadalupe’s account. “It was an honest mistake, and the store has done everything it can to credit the account,” the Burger King general manage said.

“It’s caused her a lot of problems in paying her rent, paying her car payment, buying food,” Pequino’s friend, Richard White, told the local media. White spoke for Pequino, who does not speak English well. “It’s caused a lot of problems. I don’t know too many people that can have $8,648 withdrawn from their account and carry on normally.”

With more and more people paying for small things with debit cards, it pays to be vigilant about these sorts of things. —MEGHANN MARCO

Woman Charged $8,000 For Burger King Meal [WDSU]
(Photo: WDSU)

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