Check Your Time Warner Cable Bill For An Extra $5 Charge

Reader Brett writes in with a warning:

I just got my Time Warner bill in Southern California and wondered why my bill went up by exactly $5. I called customer service and asked them that exact question. Heather informed me that there was a billing glitch which charged an extra $5 and affected numerous people. She said the glitch would be fixed in the next few days but she would credit my account.

I asked her if I hadn’t called, would Time Warner have automatically credited me? Her answer was “No. You have to call to get the credit”.

So Time Warner has a “billing glitch” and won’t credit your account unless you find it and call them yourself.

We’re crossing our fingers that the TWC CSR was wrong, and that TWC corrects billing mistakes that it knows about… Still, you should probably check your bill and call for the credit if you find that random charge. —MEGHANN MARCO

(Photo: Meghann Marco)

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