8 Interviews With A Sprint Mole

Back in February, we posted a series of conversations we had with a very knowledgeable Sprint insider (he still has his job, by the way). Here’s a limited collector’s edition box set of our eight chats.

Gary Forsee, Sprint CEO, Is A Poopy Pants, A Bad Dancer, And He Reads The Consumerist All The Time
“…every article we write that has Sprint’s name on it gets put on the desk of Gary Forsee, CEO of Sprint.”

Sprint/Nextel Will Fire Any Employee Caught Participating In Blogs
“Be careful on the internet, Sprint leaks. Don’t want you to go for a smoke break and find your badge deactivated when you try to come back inside.”

No One Told Sprint Customer Care They Had To Let Customers Leave Contract Without Termination Fee Over Text Message Rate Raises
“benpopken: What does Sprint think of our “how to cancel without ETF posts” ?
philip: The honest truth? We laugh.”

Sprint Gives Better Adjustments To More Profitable Customers, Ranked On A Scale From One Dollar Sign To Five Dollar Signs
“The more money you make Sprint, the more likely they are to you adjustments on your bill when you ask for them, regardless of whether the adjustment is due to a Sprint error. In the computer, your “value indicator” is represented on a scale of one dollar sign to five dollar signs, with five being the highest.”

Why Sprint’s Customer Service Sucks: They Only Let Reps Adjust Billing Up To $3 Per Call (As An Average)
“Sprint has such shitty customer service because they don’t give customer service reps enough leeway to disburse billing adjustments, nor do they provide enough support…”

Sprint Will Cancel Service For CDMA Customers Who Roamed 50%+
“Mr/Ms Customer, I do apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused. This is a final decision by Sprint and I have been given no ability to reverse the actions outlined in the letter you received.”

No Bonuses This Year, Everyone’s Gotta Buckle Down, Except For The Executives
“An employee had the balls to ask, “So compensation for specialists and managers is being reduced to somewhere around 0%… despite having less resources and assistance to do more work and achieve higher goals. Will these compensation cuts be the same at the executive level?””

Why Sprint Can’t Fire Gary Forsee: A Known Bad Is Better Than An Unknown Worse
“Everyone who was in a position to get him removed has retired, resigned, or been terminated… There is no one in the company shareholders would trust to replace him.”