Suburban Early Adopters Locked Into 75 Year Contract With ISP

Boy, that fiber-optic cable sounded like a great idea back in 2000! Now one suburban community is stuck with the contract they signed to have state-of-the art fiber optic internet and cable installed in their neighborhood… a contract that can last 75 years if their ISP continues to renew it. From the Washington Post:

Erika Hodell-Cotti, who lives on Sunstone Court, says she cannot work from home because her Internet connection frequently fizzles out. The teenagers who live next door play online Xbox games at friends’ houses where speeds are faster. Dozens of neighbors have installed satellite dishes on their roofs and backyard decks, fed up with cable channels that sometimes dissolve into snowy static.

Whoops! Residents pay their ISP “OpenBand” a not-insignificant $149 a month for these services as part of their homeowner’s association fees. Ah, the perils of early adoption. —MEGHANN MARCO

In Suburbs, Locked Into a High-Tech Lure
[Washington Post]
(Photo: Editor B)

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