Marriott's ISP Blames Scam Site Redirect On World's First Bisexual Rootkit

There’s been a comment war boiling as Marriott, Will, and the hotel’s internet access company (GTS) duke it out to discern the vulnerability redirecting Marirott internet using guests to a casino scam site.

A commenter identifying himself as the Marriott hotel manager, Tom, said they shut down the server and are resolving the issue.

GTS seems convinced that Will has a rootkit, a malicious program that conceals its processes from the operating system, installed on both his PC and his mom’s MacBook. As proof, they offered up a broken link to a Windows troubleshooting forum where a user experienced the same issue. However, at the end it turned out he had no rootkits. So we’re not sure what that’s for.

Now, correct us if we’re wrong, but if there was a successful rootkit virus installed on a MacBook, that would be like, the front page of Digg with 9999 comments. Even more if it was the world’s first inter-operating system root kit…

This morning Tom and GTS were on the phone checking out multiple guest rooms with several different laptops to see if they could verify the issue. According to Tom, they were not able to duplicate the problem that Will was experiencing. This could be because GTS has already fixed the problem.

Kudos to Marriott for staying on top of the story, and Will for reporting it. Jeers to GTS for the smokescreen, and for writing us, “Please call me to discuss how we have this “story” removed.”

Keep yours open for a forthcoming post, “How To Win Friends And Influence People With Scarequotes.” — BEN POPKEN & THOMAS MOORE

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  1. superlayne says:

    I love the title.

    I applaud Marriott for sheer naivety and general lack of basic computer knowledge.

    A Mac getting a virus is like a tree getting cancer.

  2. Uriel says:

    ya, Macs don’t get viruses, they commit suicide.

  3. Karmakin says:

    There’s Mac viruses and spyware out there. They’re just very rare, as most Mac users don’t download programs outside of the Apple-approved ecosystem. (How do you think those viruses spread in the first place?)

    And no, that’s not a bash. I wish that Microsoft had such a beast, but unfortunately those little anti-trust lawsuits prevent that from ever happening.

  4. TPK says:

    Funny… here’s the first words found on the GTS web site: “Get full-franchise compliance, rock-solid security, extensive reliability, and proactive customer support…

    Hey, one out of four isn’t…. well, yeah it is kinda bad… Oops.

    Guess they didn’t read about the Wal-Mart efforts to get stories canned here either. Is there anything good to say about these folks?

  5. Ouchiez says:

    I’m Molly…Will’s twin sister. I’m commenting on several comments made concerning his statements and the articles here.

    I am happy to see what has been written about the situation and also glad that people are able to be civil while simultaneously debating.

    I am a film major in college. No one–neither my mother, nor myself, nor my brother is computer illiterate, and I will say that all of our computers have been in different geographic locations for the past four months, not to meantion they were all bought at different times, and they run different operating systems (the exception being that my mother and myself both have OSX).

    My brother and I do not often complain about hotel service–why? It’s HOTEL service and we’ve never had a problem with it.

    I’ve been reading everybody’s comments and appreciate the strong opinions meantioned, but above all I appreciate my family’s ability to speak up despite how many people may want my brother’s voice not to be heard. He’s smart–I do not think just because he sounds young his technologically focused intellect should be underestimated. But I know most of all he is honest–and that’s saying something when you’re a twin.

  6. Nickelking says:

    Scarequotes… I’ll have to remember that term, my ex-roommate loves using them while claiming she only has to pay $15/per month.

  7. hemaphore says:

    i love the use of the word “bisexual” in the headline instead of “multi-platform”. kudos.

  8. 0x12is18 says:

    Though less likely, it could be a case of DNS poisoning. I’ve seen a case of that with some nasty redirects. Verizon kept trying to convince my friend to reformat his hard drive. I talked him out of it. Instead I changed his network settings to connect to the OpenDNS servers and all was well again.

  9. Mac users don’t download programs outside of the Apple-approved ecosystem.

    Proof this person has never used a Mac…

    You know, Mac users can and do use the same web as Windows folks.