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Santa Fe Residents Vote Down $.02 Per Ounce Sugary Beverage Tax

Santa Fe residents have rejected a city proposal that would have added a $.02 per ounce tax to all sugar-sweetened beverages in the city, ending a heated battle between opposing organizations that spent at least $163 per voter trying to win people to their side. [More]

Martin promises his new role as theater owner won't distract him from finishing The Winds of Winter.

Game Of Thrones’ George R.R. Martin Buys Local Movie Theater Rather Than See It Go To Waste

It’s not exactly breaking the siege of Storm’s End or winning the Battle of the Trident, but A Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin is undertaking a small-scale heroic effort of his own, buying a beloved local theater that has been dark for years. [More]

Marriott's ISP Blames Scam Site Redirect On World's First Bisexual Rootkit

Marriott's ISP Blames Scam Site Redirect On World's First Bisexual Rootkit

There’s been a comment war boiling as Marriott, Will, and the hotel’s internet access company (GTS) duke it out to discern the vulnerability redirecting Marirott internet using guests to a casino scam site.

Marriott Server Compromised, Rerouting Guest's Internet To Casino Scam Site?

When Will changed around the server settings to use a public DNS server instead of Marriott’s, the problem disappeared, leading Will to think someone had “poisoned” Marriott’s DNS servers to drive traffic to their casino scam page(s). He then reported this to Marriott’s techs. We’ve spoken ourselves with Marriott’s server people and they confirm that the secondary DNS is wacked but they need to investigate further.