RESOLVED: Geek Squad Fixed My iPod By Sending Me A Broken One

When Charlie’s iPod died, again, she took it to Best Buy, again, as it was under one of those extended warranties they push. What she got back in the mail was an even more messed up iPod. When she took it to the store, they were kinda jerks about it. After her complaint got posted here, Best Buy swooped in.

That’s Charlie in the picture, holding her new iPod. She writes:

The General Manager of services sent me an e-mail with a direct phone number to contact him and he took down my information and sent me an upgraded 60 gig iPod video which arrived this past Tuesday. It is still a refurbished model, but it is in great condition. He apologized for my inconvenience and explained that all units are checked before they are shipped out. He also requested that next time I come to him first if anything like this should happen.

But on another note, I really want to thank you and Meghann for your website. You’ve helped me out a lot, and tons of other people from what I read every day. Thanks a bunch and keep up the good work!

Hooray for Charlie, and to Best Buy, for having an RSS reader. — BEN POPKEN

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