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XBOX Screams That Month Old Unit’s 90-Day Warranty Is Expired
“”I don’t care if you bought your console yesterday, we still show your warranty is expired.””

Xbox360 Tells Customer “I Am Laughing At You” And Hangs Up
“”Is there anything else I can help you with… and by the way I am laughing at you.”
I responded, “you are what?”
And he enunciated, “I am laughing at YOU.””

No Exchange: Best Buy Manager Tries To Void XBOX Warranty
“The manager then picked at the sticker to my horror and I then quickly approached the counter and told customer, quite loudly, to not let the manager pick at the sticker.”

Best Buy Either Voided Your XBOX Warranty Or Sold You A Used Unit
“To add insult to monetary damage, the Geek Squad guy suggested to Dan that “maybe his friends” opened his XBOX. “

The Xbox360 Fiasco
“All told, with driving back and forth, Tim spent 6 hours trying to get a working system and games.”

(Photo: hanapbuhay)

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