Walmart Nazi Tshirt Watch: Week 25

22 weeks after Walmart agreed to remove shirts bearing Nazi iconography from its shelves, and 13 weeks after getting a letter from Congress demanding the shirts removal, they’re still there. S.G.W. found some in Indianapolis, took a video, and writes:

I went to walmart to buy some shirts for work then looked at the t-shirts. Where I found the Nazi shirt. I tried to buy it, but the register do not sell. The lady wouldn’t sell it. Then I came home, emailed Ben and then went back to take a pic. It wasn’t very hard. Except they only had yesterdays newspaper. I then decided to switch the peel on tag and proceeded to purchase it with no problems. Also my Bulldog Chilly is Protesting and will not be shopping at Walmart.

Hey, here’s an idea for another fun scavenger hunt. Try to find and send in pics of of recalled pet food still sitting on the shelves. Now that we’ve honed our finding skills, let’s apply ’em to something that could actually save a life!

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