Are You Paying $60 A Year For Water Pumped Into Chicken?

Awhile back we posted some videos that show how butchers get away with vacuum pumping water into meat to make it weigh more. Some of them try to be “honest” about it by throwing a little soy sauce in there and calling it marinade. Whatever. We don’t pay by the pound for our marinade and neither should you.

NBC Augusta had nothing to do one Friday night so they bought a bunch of chicken and analyzed the water content. Walmart “Pilgrim’s Pride” chicken had the most water pumped into it, $0.60 worth. Other brands tested:

We paid $.46 for Perdue’s water, $.43 for Springer Mountain Farms and the best deal on chicken water was Tyson, at only $.39.

Add all four packages up and we paid $1.88 for useless chicken water.

Don’t buy chicken water. If you buy 2 packages of chicken a week for a year, that’s $60 in chicken water, according to NBC. Ew. —MEGHANN MARCO

SPECIAL REPORT: Paying For Water In Your Chicken [NBC Augusta] (Thanks, Michael!)
(Photo: noricum)

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