Would You Buy Your Wedding Dress At Target?

Getting married? Target is launching a bridal collection by Isaac Mizrahi. The collection has “8 stunning looks in ivory, white and black,” and range in price from $9.99-$159.99.

“My bridal gowns are all reinventions of the classics, providing an affordable alternative for women everywhere,” says designer Isaac Mizrahi. “I put a lot of design energy into designing this collection for Target because every bride deserves to find the gown of her dreams, regardless of her budget. Every woman remembers how she felt on her wedding day for the rest of her life, so ensuring she feels confident in the ‘perfect’ dress is very important to me.”

Target adds that the dresses and matching cummerbunds and ties are also appropriate for other formal occasions, like prom. So the question remains, would you buy your wedding dress at Target? Hipsters? Would you? —MEGHANN MARCO

New: Target wedding dresses [Star-Register]
Designer Isaac Mizrahi launches affordable attire for the entire wedding party available exclusively at Target.com (Press Release) [Target]


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  1. acambras says:

    None of the Mizrahi stuff fits me right anyway, so no.

    But I do buy a lot of clothes at Target — they have some cute stuff.

  2. surfacenoise76 says:

    Why not? Spending a lot of money on a wedding dress seems foolish to me (as does spending a lot of money on a wedding).

  3. CumaeanSibyl says:

    Sure. The dress in the first link looks a lot like one of the designs I was strongly considering for my wedding. Don’t know if it would have fit me or looked at all decent, though.

    (Went with David’s Bridal in the end. Strangely enough, did not get crappy customer service, despite horror stories.)

  4. QuirkyRachel says:

    um, no. Although, some of Iaasic Mizrahi’s stuff is nice for basic wear…Ooh! There’s a new show on Fox called “America’s Trashiest Weddings.” Maybe the dresses are connected to that!

    What would a $9.99 wedding dress look like?

    And why would a wedding dress be good for other occasions?

  5. B says:

    Also, who wears a black wedding dress?

  6. DaveInTheCorn says:

    Hahaha, I think my gf would massacre me for saying this, but yes I would…However, I’d also probably try to take her dad up on an offer to elope for 1/2 the cost of the wedding…

  7. tvh2k says:

    A $10 wedding dress?? I just paid more for my morning train ticket into the city.

  8. Peekoos says:

    If I wasn’t already married, yeah, I’d totally buy a wedding dress from Target. I actually only spent $15 on my dress (which was just a basic white sundress that I spiced up with some ribbon) when I got married (it wasn’t a traditional ceremony, mind you, we eloped at a bed and breakfast.)

    I know wedding dresses are a big deal to some people, but to me it just wasn’t that important. I mean, it WAS important that I had something that was cute and fit properly, but seriously, I wore it for like an hour and will probably never wear it again. To me, it’s a serious waste of money to spend tons on something you’ll never wear again. We used the money we saved on our honeymoon trip.

  9. AlteredBeast (blaming the OP one article at a time.) says:

    I think the concept is good…but many, many people shop at Target. I could just imagine guests at a wedding…

    “The bride looks beautiful.”
    “I’ve seent that dress at Target, it only cost $9.99!”
    “Really? I spent $100 on this dress just to be a guest at this wedding!”

  10. phrygian says:

    I might have considered it. I like most of his other designs and, assuming the dress fit and looked nice, I wouldn’t have had any problem with a “Target wedding dress.” But, I also wasn’t a fussy bride — my mom would have been the one who needed convincing, since she bought my dress for me.

  11. GirlGoneRiled says:

    I can’t see why a Target dress would be better or worse than anywhere else. I kept my dress, but it was made for me by people who actually love me so it feels heirloomish and I’ll hang onto it a while. In the absence of this quality I imagine that a ten dollar dress would do the job just as well as a ten thousand dollar dress if one didn’t feel like hanging on to it. After all, it’s worn for, what?, six, seven hours max?

  12. MameDennis says:

    I’m wondering if the $9.99 item could be a cummerbund or other accessory, rather than a dress?

  13. Falconfire says:

    HAHAHAHA my own fiance’s father ALSO gave me the offer to elope for 10 thousand dollars flat.

  14. ElizabethD says:

    Are you kidding? Of course I’d wear one. The one in your first pic is lovely in its simplicity, and would flatter a variety of figures. If you wanted, you could even have a seamstress or a handy friend help you add some embellishment to it, for a custom look.

    I have never, ever understood the concept of spending a fortune on a white (or ivory) dress that you wear one day and probably feel totally uncomfortable in. My wedding dress was a gorgeous pale-blue pique designer A-line sleeveless gown with embroidered flowers, with a matching fitted jacket; cost me $45 at a local consignment store. Probably worn once before by some society gal to a social function. (Sheesh; that sounded insufferably morally superior!)

  15. MeOhMy says:


    What would a $9.99 wedding dress look like?

    Considering the vast majority of the cost of a wedding gown is, like everything else wedding-related, purely a psychological markup, you can bet that a $10 wedding gown is going to look pretty much like the $200 gown at David’s Bridal. Unless it’s got elaborate beading or “couture” features, there’s no basis in materials or labor for the costs of wedding gowns.

    And why would a wedding dress be good for other occasions?

    I think that goes more for the bridesmaid dresses than the wedding dresses, but at the end of the day unless it’s got a train, crinoline or some other “bridal-only” feature, there’s really nothing magic…a white dress can actually be worn at other occasions.

  16. amyjay says:

    I used to work at the Jewelry counter and Target, and if people buy the “diamond” rings, which did have a very tiny, very flawed diamond set in white gold made to disguise the size of the diamond, they’ll buy a Target wedding dress.

    I personally loved when people asked me if the ring were good quality. I had to leave it at “you’re paying $99 for a diamond ring.”

  17. MaliBoo Radley says:

    I don’t see why not. 8 years ago, my husband and I were married. We had only known each other for 1 month! We were in quite a hurry and didn’t have much money. We lived in a tiny town in New Hampshire. The only decent place to buy clothing in was a Fashion Bug. I bought a a purple dress ( I love afwul in white) and a black shawl. I spent 30 bucks. I wouldn’t change it for the world. There is nothing wrong with buying a cheap wedding dress.

    Here is a photo (we look so young!!)


  18. shannonk says:

    I wouldn’t buy a wedding dress at Target, but only because I wouldn’t buy a wedding dress, period. A cute dress or suit to get married in? Totally. But most of the trappings of a wedding strike me as wastes of money and resources. A garment I could never wear again? I do not have that much closet space or extra cash.

    Then again, I would much rather receive, say, an engagement camera lens than an engagement ring that I would never wear and would probably lose, so I’m guessing I’m not the target (ha! and, god, sorry.) demographic for this collection.

  19. MaliBoo Radley says:

    erm .. rather I LOOK awful in white … not love.

  20. caitlinagogo says:

    Most wedding dresses are bedazzled pieces of garbage to begin with, so I would have considered getting a dress at Target when I got married. I wasn’t interested in spending thousands of potential honeymoon money on a dress I was only going to wear once. The wedding industry is the biggest racket out there, any one willing to throw their cap in the ring with reasonable prices is a-ok by me and I think there a lot of young ladies in the circles I run in that feel the same way.

  21. alicetheowl says:

    I bought my dress at the Filene’s Basement bridal event. For the daughters of employees, they allow them in the night before, and you get an hour to find a dress in the dark. But I was only competing with a dozen other brides, instead of hundreds, and I found an excellent dress for $250.

    The idea of spending more than that on something I’m going to wear once boggles my mind. But then, I also opted for a simple wedding in the church I grew up in, with a small reception in the church’s hall across the parking lot. The idea was to gather the family for a happy event without sending anyone further into debt, and it accomplished that nicely.

    Also, I like the simplicity of the gown shown above. It looks really flattering.

    After yesterday’s horror story of the dress that only showed up a few days before the wedding, I’m in favor of anything that reduces pressure on the brides. The process is complicated and time-consuming enough as it is.

  22. alicetheowl says:

    @alicetheowl: Erg. It was $250 less 25% for the employee discount, so the dress only cost $187.50. (No sales tax; we were in Massachusetts.)

  23. Cap'n Jack says:

    @B: Emo kids and grown-up goths.

  24. MaliBoo Radley says:


    And people who just want to do something a little different.

    Or those whole aren’t culturally western. Hindus, for example, get married in red.

    In many cultures, white is the colour of mourning, not weddings.

  25. cnc1019 says:

    @Falconfire: my fiance’s daughter gave us a 3,500 budget (which also includes her college graduation present when she graduates tomorrow). I would have cut and run for $5k (my parents said they’d be up for vegas).

  26. @Troy F.: “You can bet that a $10 wedding gown is going to look pretty much like the $200 gown at David’s Bridal.”

    Took the words right out of my mouth.

    As long as the quality of the fabric is good, I don’t see ANY difference between a Target wedding gown and some of the crap they have for 10 and 20 times the price at David’s.

    It’s not going to be the same as a $3000 silk couture wedding gown, but if you’re shopping David’s Bridal, I expect you’re going to be able to get the same quality for cheaper at Target.

    @B: Sometimes women nearing middle age (or older) prefer just a simple black suit or simple black cocktail dress. White does have a bit of a “blushing 20something bride/debutante” feel to it.

    (I also think it’s more common at second weddings, especially if they’re fairly low-key.)

  27. Starfury says:

    My wife got her dress from JCPenny about 15 yrs ago. $300 for the dress plus $25 in shipping/tax. When the bill came: $25. She paid it and never said a word. Cancelled the CC she used about 2 months later. Cheapest part of our wedding.

  28. mopar_man says:

    I don’t see why not. Who cares what the brand or cost is. Most women will only wear it once anyway so what’s the point in spending thousands on it? My wife bought her dress off of eBay for $60.

  29. B says:

    @Eyebrows McGee: I understand wearing not-white, but I always thought black was considered super-unlucky to wear at a wedding.

  30. MaliBoo Radley says:



    I have a bridge I’d like to sell you!

  31. Bye says:

    I’d like to see a statistical breakdown of divorce rates among couples where the bride wore black versus those where the bride wore white.

    Belief in superstition can be a powerful thing. Just ask Pat Robertson.

  32. nightbird says:

    Another vote for “why waste the money” here. My wedding outfit was about $130 (skirt, jacket, sleeveless shell) but they were dress casual pieces that I bought with the intent that they would be worn again for work or going out, which I have done many times.

  33. Dacker says:

    Since you can buy your casket or urn at Costco, why not buy a wedding dress at Target?


  34. Raanne says:

    I dont see any problem with buying a wedding dress from target at all… you will never wear it again. Why spend tons of money for it? if the style is one that you like, and it matches what you are looking for, why would you care where you bought it from?

    Most formal dresses from mid-range department stores are $150 – $200 – and all these are are formal dresses that happen to be white. There is no reason to think that the quality is any less than its counterpart in pink or blue would be…

  35. Mills says:

    I’d wear it. It’ll make it easier to pick my wedding dress up on my way to Vegas.

  36. Canadian Impostor says:

    @ElizabethD: I’m a guy so my fashion taste is obviously bad, but the dress in the picture up top looks fine to me. I wouldn’t be embarrassed to marry a girl wearing that dress, I think is looks nice.

  37. jetmore says:

    If I liked the dress, absolutely. You’re wearing it for (max) 8-12 hours, and will probably never wear it again. Save the money to buy a better-tasting cake (which will please your guests), or just SAVE it period.

    FWIW, I wore gold.

  38. mac-phisto says:

    i went to a wedding recently where the bride looked beautiful in a white sun dress that couldn’t have cost more than $100. didn’t matter. the entire party looked elegant.

    & on that note, does anybody know wtf “beach elegance” means for wedding dress? i don’t live in oc, so i’m not up on the hip lingo.

  39. Andamom says:

    I also don’t see an issue with buying a dress at Target. I’d examine the quality anywhere –and this would be no different. FWIW, I bought my dress at David’s Bridal and was complimented just as much as if I bought it at a higher-end boutique — like Amsale or Priscilla of Boston.

    And it makes financial sense to save the money that would have been spent on the dress — and use it for other things like — retirement, down payment on a house, paying down credit, future children’s 529s, etc. — A wedding is just a day –your future is a lifetime.

  40. latrevo says:

    Totally a nice idea. Honestly it’s got to be the same quality as the polyester they sell at David’s.

  41. wenhaver says:

    I wore a $35 Anne Taylor dress I got off ebay (it was white), and $15 Steve Madden heels I got from Macy’s outlet.

    My wedding, in total, cost $600.

    My best friend spent well over $15,000 on her wedding, and around $800 of that was her dress. We both ended up married and looked good doing it, so what was the point of the $15,000? Yeah, I don’t know either.

  42. lore says:

    Lots of Target stuff is well-made and looks very good. I’ve purchased a lot of stuff there (men’s clothing) that I wear regularly. Love their cuff links too.

  43. Little Miss Moneybags says:

    Sure! I really dislike all the pomp and circumstance that surrounds a wedding day, and after my sister’s wedding, told my family there was no way I would be going through the same drama. My future husband (or more accurately, his mother) may or may not be thrilled at the idea of a no-frills wedding, but this is the type of dress I would consider if I had to wear one at all. As someone else said–I’ll wear it for one day and never again, and I don’t feel like carting it around for the rest of my life for nostalgia’s sake. At this price, my own wedding dress would be cheaper than the bridesmaid’s dress my sister picked out.

  44. Dervish says:

    If it fit right and I liked how it looked, I guess I wouldn’t have a problem with buying one at Target. However, I’m shaped a little oddly so it can be tough to find clothes that I’m really comfortable in, and I like slightly more beading and color in a wedding dress than the pictures that I saw.

    Man, would it be a good way to save a few hundred bucks, though. My dress was “cheap,” and I’ll tell you that I spent more than $150. Everything in the wedding industry is designed to gouge you. $3 per slice for a wedding cake?! Screw that – I’m a baker, I’ll make my own.

  45. Yourhero88 says:

    I love the fact that my girlfriend will be able to go buy her wedding dress while I pick up a bag of Doritos, and a Nerf gun all in the same store, for under $20. God bless America! (Tear rolls down cheek)

  46. Amry says:

    I have a feeling the black is offered to make it an option for a bridesmaid’s dress, much like J Crew does with their bridal collection.

    And yes, the $9.99 almost has to be for a cummerbund or veil or something.

    And finally, I would absolutely wear a wedding dress from Target – or a $30 wedding dress from Gap, which one of my customers did many years ago…

  47. trixare4kids says:

    Hell yes, I’d wear it! Personally, I’ve never understood spending thousands or hundreds of thousands on a dress you are going to wear ONCE.

    I’ve always known I would buy something vintage, 2nd hand, or cheap and cheerful but beautiful to wear for my wedding.

    Hey, that reminds me.. anyone wanna get married? ;)

  48. This is an excellent idea. We ended up getting a used dress for my wife because new items were just way to expensive.

    If she could have found a new dress she liked at that price, we would have picked it up long before the $350 used dress.

  49. djanes1 says:

    Will Stephon Marbury endorse this wedding dress?

  50. gruffydd says:

    I bought my wedding dress on eBay. I sent the seller my measurements, and it was custom made in China. It took about 3 weeks to be delivered…Here’s the link http://cgi.ebay.com/Wedding-Gown-Bridal-Dress-4-6-8-10-12-

    Custom made for about $250.

    Also, I think the reference to the black dress, would probably be for a bridesmaid.

  51. kamikasee says:

    I’m getting married in July. My fiancee (sorry, to lazy to find the accent) are trying to keep within a reasonable budget, and the target wedding stuff is actually pretty nice. We ended up buying invitations/programs/thank you cards there. They’re not cheaper than the most plain invitations you can get from a printer, but they’re cheaper than the equivalent invitations from the printer. They also have a lot of nice and inexpensive wedding favors/bubbles/etc.

  52. lore says:

    @trixare4kids: Nice! Choose a day!

  53. MercuryPDX says:

    A friend of mine blew $3000 on a wedding dress. All the bridesmaids kinda freaked out at her (That money could go towards an open bar!!!). Her reasoning was that she would pass down the dress to her daughter to wear at her wedding.

    1. Like her mom did, right?
    2. What if she only had sons?

    I’m all for Target dresses. Put the money you saved into the reception. :)

  54. Brie says:

    “Exclusively available at Target.com.” So 1) you’re buying a dress without knowing whether or not it fits from 2) a retailer that has fit issues. I love Target, but I can barely buy civilian clothes there without trying on multiple sizes of everything.

    As for “what are you going to do with that dress”… I wear mine, and the veil, every Halloween. :) The kids at my kids’ school always love it.

  55. SarraJK says:

    I would definitely have considered a dress from Target when I got married. I had the most difficult time finding a simple dress that wasn’t covered in beads or embroidery (that didn’t cost a fortune) when I got married.

  56. saram says:

    I think this is perfect. My only beef with Target clothes is that after a few wears and washes, they start to lose their shape. But I don’t imagine wearing my dress a few times before the wedding, so, sounds like a match made in heaven! I actually already have my dress . . . It was 400 bucks at Davids, which I thought was super cheap, but the matching veil-thing that I absolutely had to have was 150 extra. Since I bought the dress I’ve changed grooms, so maybe I’ll change dresses as well and try out these Target dresses. Anyone looking for a sleeveless gown with a ruffle-y train in a size six? It comes with matching veil . . .

  57. lore says:

    Speaking of Target, have you seen Target’s line of bedding? Can we say “Restoration Hardware?” Good colors without the price premium that you’d pay at Restoration Hardware.

  58. thwarted says:

    Absolutely, if it fit and looked good. I never understood the impulse to spend thousands of dollars on a wedding dress. I bought mine at a sample sale (it was a bridesmaid’s dress, in white) for $150.

  59. mantari says:

    FWIW, just got back from a wedding last month where the ring came from Wal-Mart “fine jewelry”. Hey, it is a matter of cash. Rich people aren’t going to go to Target for a dress, but I think there really is an under-served market of less well-to-do people who want to get married in some sense of style.

  60. alicetheowl says:

    @wenhaver: That’s a lot of my philosophy on the subject. The important part of my ceremony was that my husband and I got to say “I do” in front of people we loved. That the church wasn’t coated in flowers top to bottom, and that I don’t get the cherished memory of a drunken uncle grope seems like a bonus more than a drawback.

    A friend recently got married, and her husband drank so much at the reception that he threw up on her on the way to the honeymoon suite. Call me crazy, but I like my wedding better.

  61. Jon Parker says:

    @surfacenoise76: Spending a lot of money on a wedding may be foolish, but it’s a lot less than you’ll spend on the divorce.

  62. minneapolisite says:

    I personally wouldn’t wear a Target dress. I love Target, and I love a good buy, but I especially love looking unique. While I wasn’t unique in that I spent a pretty penny on my dress, my dress had a very couture look and six months later I continue to receive compliments (from friends, family and even from the waitstaff at the country club where we hosted the wedding) on how unique my dress was. For me, the unique factor and the compliments it inspired were worth the price tag. Yes, I’m the stereotypical American consumerist.

  63. Anitra says:

    I would do it – if I found one I liked. For my wedding, I went to David’s Bridal, spent around $300, got decent customer service. I would have liked to spend less, but I wanted to get an identifiably “wedding” dress (white, a bit of a train in the back), and didn’t know where else to go.

  64. Techguy1138 says:

    Thank goodness. This makes perfect sense to me. So long as the dress is acceptable to the bride I’d welcome this. Just remember to toss on an additional $100+ for alterations and this should be fine.

    One of the scariest parts of marrage right now for me, and many coworkers, is the cost. How are you supposed to start a life with someone when it costs almost $10,000 when all is said and done for a modest wedding?

    People should be able to afford a nice wedding. I think this will make many peoples lives happier.

  65. ElizabethD says:


    Resist the pressure to go way into debt for your wedding!

    Hubby and I got married with 10 close relatives in the church I attended growing up. I wore the aforementioned (look way up in comments) $45 thrift-store designer dress and felt like a princess. My brother was the “official” photographer (now, *this* I do not recommend). We opened presents while having hors d’oeuvres at my parents’ house, and went out to dinner (tout ensemble) at a waterfront restaurant.

    Total cost: Surely no more than $500. (This was a while back.) Lack of pressure about whom to invite and where to seat them: Priceless.

    We’ve lasted almost 32 years. Woot! :-)

  66. hop says:

    if i buy a wedding dress anywhere ,they will probably put me away………….

  67. lilyHaze says:

    Looking at the photo album on the Target website, they look decent enough (the gallery shown were in the range of $150-$200). Why not? They’re probably only available on the website because they don’t know what the demand is yet. Outfitting all their stores with wedding dresses? Costly.

    The $3000+ wedding dresses do look pretty, but I’m in the “weddings cost a lot of money.” I’d rather the guests have better food/drinks, etc than have a designer dress.

  68. feralparakeet says:

    @Jon Parker:

    Not true… my wedding cost around $6,000, the divorce cost me a grand total of $525. And I’m the one who paid the expenses for both. Damn men. That reminds me, it’s almost my annivorsary. Feh.

  69. @B: Not really. Black’s the color of formality in the US, so it can’t really be “unlucky” at a wedding. (Are all the grooms in tuxes wishing unlucky weddings on the bride?) The only dress-code thing that’s always and direly tacky at weddings is upstaging the bride (typically by wearing white, but also by dressing like a skank with the assets hanging out so everyone stares at you).

    And I’ll be the one to come out and say my wedding was expensive and it was a HOOT. It cost more than the down payment on our house (I’m not telling how much more). But then, I wasn’t paying for it, and I didn’t plan it; that was the kind of party my parents wanted to throw, so more power to them! We had the same philosophy as many people upthread mentioned: Get married with our family and friends who love us around us, celebrate with them, and (for us) have the formal religious ceremony in our faith. That was the important part. My parents just opted that the party part be … big.

    My husband and I hosted the rehearsal dinner on the cheap and we did that at an Irish bar and hired an Irish band and Irish dancers. Equally as good a time as the big fancy party the next day.

  70. MentalDisconnect says:

    My fiancee would probably consider this. The dress is all her choice. If she wants something a plain like at Target, fine. The point is, we’re getting married. My belief is, the honeymoon is where you really focus your energies at.

  71. Youthier says:

    Kudos to Target for a good marketing/product idea. I’m one of the spoiled girls whose parents paid for the whole wedding and had the expensive dress but I know plenty who would and I can’t say I blame them.

    Anyone who has recently planned a wedding knows David Bridal’s bad reputation and that independent bridal salons are going out of business like crazy. To give people another option is really smart.

  72. Type-E says:

    No matter how good target’s design it, the finance will never accept the fact that it was brought from a valued shop. Women think they have the right to be ripped off. The more it cost for the wedding, the better the marriage will be.

  73. ElizabethD says:

    Oops, I just re-read Meghann’s original post and saw that she posed this question to “hipsters.” So I guess y’all can disregard anything I said in these comments! 8-/

  74. LuvJones says:

    I think this is great I spent too much on my wedding dress and I don’t even want to pass it on to my daughter.

    Women have been brainwashed into believing they have to pay a mint to have a lovely dress…B.S.!!

    Most dresses you buy at those bridal stores are MASS PRODUCED anyway, that is the reason it takes so long to get the dress from the shop, the maker waits until they have X amount of orders for the SAME dress and then they stamp them out by machine. So really what is the difference? People want to keep up appearances, so Goddess forbid someone finds out they didn’t spend X amount on a dress. People are such sheep most times.

    I would rock the hell out of a target wedding dress and I would be fierce and fabu!

  75. saram says:


    It’s ok. I’m a hipster. You can be my +1.

  76. lizzybee says:

    Sure, I’d wear one. Why not? It would have been a distinct upgrade from what I was married in. When my husband and I got married in Reno, I wore my interview outfit– a pantsuit.

  77. Charity Froggenhall says:

    It doesn’t make sense to go into debt for your wedding. And if you find a comfortable dress that you can afford, who cares if it’s from Vera Wang or Target?

  78. deweydecimated says:

    i beat you all – my dress was free! one summer of bridal dress shopping for my best friend’s wedding was enough to convince me to wear my mom’s.

    i did get a new headpiece and veil – sorry, mom, but i don’t look good in pillbox hats.

  79. ahwannabe says:

    for all the people concerned about fit: if the dress costs only 9.99, you’ll probably have some money left in your budget for custom tailoring.

  80. MrFlashport says:

    I don’t care about what dress she’s wearing in the pic but I’d sure love to marry her!

  81. YlimE08 says:

    My best friend spent almost $2,000 on her dress. That was a huge portion of her wedding budget. She had to make her own flowers to save money. Less than two years later, they divorced. Now she has this huge, poofy, expensive dress in a box somewhere that will probably wind up on ebay.

    My husband and I eloped. We wore clothes we already owned. Our “wedding” cost us $25. To us, that memory is worth more than a formal wedding would have been. 8 years and two children later, we’re still going strong.

    A dress is a dress. Unless it is an heirloom or someone makes it for you, I honestly don’t understand the fuss. Besides, you could look like utter crap and people would still gush and say how beautiful you looked.

  82. Gloria says:

    Can I just say I want to hug the lot of you? I’m a student in my 20s and I hear too much of girls my age gush about their extravagant fantasy weddings. It’s an extreme relief to hear people talking sensibly.

  83. tcabeen says:

    My fiancee purchased her first wedding dress on ebay. It’s a J Crew that someone had a horrible photo of. The dress itself is lovely, but she decided to go a different direction and purchased a second dress, a BCBG gown, also from ebay. Total costs including shipping:

    Had she not already found something, she absolutely WOULD consider one of the Mizrahi gowns. She has been promoting them on TheKnot (wedding-related forum she frequents). And she will likely be getting her two nieces their bridesmaids dresses from his collection.

    Budget + DIY + Treehugginghippiecrap + frigginawesome = us

    I type too much, but if you want to discuss further, my email is the same as my username here … @gmail.com.

  84. SexCpotatoes says:

    I’m a dude, wearing dresses doesn’t sound appealing to me, wedding or otherwise, thanks. And, c’mon, no one’s had a nudist wedding?!? (not my taste, but you people are freaks, I’d expect as much from you guys)

  85. Gleth says:

    An excellent idea — because then you can buy your bridesmaids their dresses too. The only thing worse than paying thousands for a dress you wear once is paying hundreds for a dress you wear once that someone else picked out.

  86. Snakeophelia says:

    I found my wedding dress on eBay for around $200. What made all the difference in the world was finding a great local tailor – that cost another $135, but that also made the dress fit like it was made for me. I would most definitely advise going cheap on the dress, expensive on the tailor.

    And today is our first wedding anniversary! Woo-hoo! We just got back from Vegas, so we’re both relaxing on the web – him with Blabbermouth, me with the Consumerist.

  87. Her Grace says:

    If I decide I want to wear white, sure. But I look pretty awful in it. If he makes them out of a dyeable material like bridesmaid shoes, I’m all over it.

  88. John Stracke says:

    My wife and I sewed our own wedding houppelandes. IIRC, we spent about $3000 on our wedding; most of that was the rings. (It helped that we used the same hall for the wedding and the reception.)

  89. arirang says:

    I spent 4k on my wedding dress 2 years ago. Was it worth it? Well it was all silk as was the veil and it looked beautiful, and I didn’t want to look like ass, I have one of those body types that amazingly only looks good in expensive wedding dresses, I tried to go cheaper but the stuff looked like ass. HOWEVER — I think I could have approximated the same look w/2 of the Izaac Mizrahi trapunto wedding dresses (buy an extra one for the material to make a matching bolero jacket)and still would have come out ahead.

    I know I sound like a materialistic pig. But you’d have to see my wedding photos to understand.

  90. james.trimble says:

    I would totally buy a dress at target. I would spend the extra money on the recipon. or my honey moon. I dont see the point in spending all that money on a dress your only going to wear once in your life.

  91. SimonGodOfHairdos says:

    “So 1) you’re buying a dress without knowing whether or not it fits from 2) a retailer that has fit issues. I love Target, but I can barely buy civilian clothes there without trying on multiple sizes of everything.”

    @ MissedTheExit

    I’ve never had formal wear (or normal clothes for that matter) fit me right off the hanger. I would do for a Target wedding dress what I do for all fancy dresses I buy: get it one size too big (to accommodate the chest area) and then have it taken in everywhere else. Being Italian (short and curvy), I have spent much time at old Italian lady seamstress ever since hitting puberty, and it’s a must for anyone who’s not 5’11” and 115 pounds. She’s not even that expensive!