Hey, Bank of America! Your ATM Gave Me A Fake $20

We’d always sort of assumed that someone had to check the to make sure money was real before they put it into an ATM, but apparently a few fake bills have been known to slip by. Wealth Junkie blogger Alexander had $4 in his wallet when he stopped by a Bank of America ATM to get cash for his Costco shopping trip. When a cashier at Costco spotted a fake $20, Alexander knew exactly where it came from.

The Costco cashier was nice enough to give Alexander the fake $20 to take back to Bank of America, where the bank apologized and told him that they outsource their ATMs to another company.

From Wealth Junkie:

All in all the lady at the bank was nice. She said that she had never seen an instance where the ATM machine was the one with the counterfeit bill. I told her that this was not about the money and I did not need for her to give me the $20 there and then. However, I did expect for the bank to take responsibility and for her to credit my account within a few days.

After a number of phone calls and about 40 minutes of my time, she figured out how to handle it paperwork-wise so her teller would not be off by $20. Then she gave me a new $20. And that was that.

We’re surprised the Costco cashier let him keep the fake $20. One time a cashier at Taco Bell told us we had a fake single. She showed it to us and sure enough, it was about as real as monopoly money. There was, like, a picture of Stephen Colbert on it. Not really. We’d gotten it as change from a pizza guy the night before…which says something about our diet. Anyway, she wouldn’t let us keep it. Who knew that fake singles even existed? —MEGHANN MARCO

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