Designer Todd Goldman Accused of Rampant Plagiarism

We’ve been seeing this story popping up here and there and weren’t sure if it was really a consumer issue, but after it showed up on BoingBoing again today we decided that there were just too many examples to ignore.

Todd Goldman, (of David and Goliath tees ) the “designer” responsible for those “attitude” T-shirts that feature crude drawings with slogans such as “Boys are dumb throw rocks at them,” has been accused of selling slightly modified tracings of another artist’s cartoon. Sadly for Todd, lots of his “designs” are starting to look… familiar. Todd’s lawyers are currently negotiating with the artist he ripped off (above) and there’s been some apologizing and what not. Still…

This is really a “let the buyer decide” sort of issue, so we’ll just link a bunch of examples so you can, you know, rock that whole caveat emptor thing. —MEGHANN MARCO

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UPDATE: Another link from our sexy commenters!

More Examples [mike tyndall]

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