How To: Get Your Story On The Consumerist

Step 1) Have an experience of some kind.

Step 2) Write a detailed account of the experience. By details we mean: names, dates, phone numbers, locations, addresses, prices, and other specifics. We need these because if you don’t send them, our bullsh*t detector goes off and your email lands in the archive for future archaeologists to discover.

Step 3) Try to make your letter interesting, but don’t try to be funny. We’ll do that.

Step 4) Tell us about it at tips [at] consumerist [dot] com. Emailing this address will put your story in front of several pairs of eyes, some of which work.

Step 5) Dramatically increase your chances of being on the Consumerist by providing a photo. The photo can be of anything you like, we just like photos. People who take photos are cool. Have a complaint about your bill? Scan it. Don’t like Bob’s Auto Mart? Take a picture. Thank you. Photos can be uploaded to our Flickr pool.

Step 6) Experience the soothing power of the internet. Be sure to write to us and follow up. We like to know what happens when we post a story.

If we didn’t post your story: We still love you and appreciate you. Don’t feel like you can never submit another story. We can’t post all of them. We try to pick complaints that will help people. (As in, not just you. )

If your complaint raises an issue that other people can benefit from you will have a much greater chance of being featured on this site. So help other people! Send us your story! —MEGHANN MARCO

(Photo: Jeremy Brooks)

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