Want To Cancel Your Internet? Here's Your Early Termination Fee

High-Speed Internet providers are coming down with a case of the ETFs according to a survey by Consumers Union (the non-profit that publishes Consumer Reports.) Just like with cellphone providers, the practice is designed to prevent churn. Don’t expect them to admit it though:

Bobby Henson, director of media relations for Verizon, told Consumers Union that the company charges the fee to “regain what we have been giving the customer for free.”

Not all ISPs charge ETFs. Here’s a list of different providers and their fees:

• Comcast: No Fee
• Time Warner Cable: No Fee
• AT&T: $99
• Verizon: $69 FiOS, $79 DSL
• Qwest: $200
• Earthlink:$149

Dumping ISP may cost customers $150 [Boston Globe] (Thanks, j!)
(Photo: Maulleigh)

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