How Banks Flag Ordinary Customers As Terrorists

The Washington Post has an article, “Ordinary Customers Flagged as Terrorists,” describing how the Office of Foreign Asset Control maintains a list of potential terrorist suspects, and how everyday citizens can wind up on it.

For instance, one Tom Hassan Kubbany of Detroit got flagged as a potential terrorist because “Hassan” is an alias for “Ali Saddam Hussein,” one of Saddam Hussein’s alleged sons. Because of the flag, Tom found a lot of lenders shutting their doors in his face when applying for a home loan.

Back in January, we actually wrote a post on how the OFAC lists work. Check it out: How Banks Freeze Terrorist Founds With A Free, Public, .TXT


Ordinary Customers Flagged as Terrorists [Washington Post via BoingBoing]
(Illustration: Chym

‘s Fake-Concept)

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