Clever Driver And Car Shopper Roundup

HOW TO: Buy A Car Without Putting A Shotgun In Your Mouth
“After you’ve set a target price and written your message, find the “quick quote” tab on the Edmunds site. Send out a request for info to any dealership within about an hour or so from where you live. When I did it, I provided them with a temporary e-mail address and a fake phone number.”

The Truth About “Factory Invoice” Car Prices
“Car dealers would love for you to think that the “factory invoice” price is the price they paid the manufacturer for the car they’re trying to sell you. In reality, that’s probably not the case.”

Dealerships Rip You Off With The “Four-Square,” Here’s How To Beat It
“Former used car salesman Alan Slone grows a conscience and reveals one of the major strategies dealership use to screw you when buying a new car.”

Get 30 More Miles Per Tank: Turn Off Engine If Idling More Than 10 Seconds
“Idling uses up a lot of gas. You’ll save money, and the environment. The Swiss like this method and it’s the law in several of their cities to turn off your car at stoplights.”

Potentially Insane Ways To Increase Your Fuel Efficiency
“Ridge-riding, Wayne explains, saves gas in the rain, as it gets the wheels out of the puddly grooves in the road created by more, let’s say, traditional drivers. “People are burning fuel to throw water in the air.”

(Photo: Morton Fox)


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  1. pestie says:

    AAGH!!! The Scion xB, the ugliest car ever made!! Kill it! Kill it now!!

  2. Major-General says:

    @pestie: Ditto!

  3. viceatfruit says:

    To clear the air about the invoice price of an automobile. This is the price that a dealership pays to buy this kind of car, and exact model of car, from the factory originally. When a company builds too many cars of a certain model and make they will offer “kick backs” and incentives to get the car for less than what the dealership originally paid for the automobile. The dealership will call it a loser deal if they are selling it for less than what they originally paid. There might be “kick-backs” that potentially cover the loss, or create minimum profit. This covers the cost of what they have to pay they sales person, the finance person, and the sales manager. They still hope to make a profit, of some type, from the service department, so sometimes they actually do take a loss on a sale. Occasionally there is some kind of magical number where if they sell 100 models in a month then the dealership will receive lots of money. These are the situations that no one knows about (except the sales managers), and they will take a significant loss on an automobile in hopes of making that mark if it is close. Equip yourself with a quoted price printout and realize how much your time is worth money, cut the chase. By the way, what do you do??? If there was not a sales person, selling whatever it is that your company makes, provides, or offers, then you would be unemployed. There are a few really honest and good people involved in the field. Next time someone tries to pressure you into a decision, walk out and go back to that person that you really liked. This will help change things.