Free Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream On Tax Day, April 17th

Tax Day is April 17th, but don’t be depressed. It’s also free cone day at Ben & Jerry’s. From 12pm to 8pm, at all participating Ben & Jerry’s, you, yes you, can be the recipient of free ice cream.

And yes, their coffee ice cream is Fair Trade. No, really. —MEGHANN MARCO

Ben & Jerry’s
(Photo: andi giltterati)


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  1. aloe vera says:

    YUM! The best Free Cone Day was when I was vacationing in New Orleans and hit the Ben and Jerry’s in Jackson Square.

  2. Juice says:

    Do you mean fair trade (not free trade)?

  3. elf6c says:

    Great ice cream at a even better price. Alas, the pain and emotional suffering you are likely to face having to deal with the average “I want some free ice cream” type in the long lines at most B&J’s on that day makes it not worth it IMHO.

  4. Esquire99 says:

    Ben and Jerry’s is quite possibly the greatest Ice Cream ever. I am particularly fond of the “Banana’s on the Rum” flavor, but alas, it is ONLY available in the ice cream shops, not at the Grocery store. Probably a good thing, otherwise I would likely weight 800lbs. Oh boy, I loves me some Ice Cream!

  5. TalbotD says:

    …Chunky-Monkey rules !

  6. getjustin says:

    Yeah! A line out the door by 9am for a free scoop of Chunky Monkey! I’ll come back tomorrow.

  7. roothorick says:

    Alas, there isn’t a Ben & Jerry’s anywhere near me. Their website shows they are actively looking for franchisees in several cities near me, but there’s no actual in-business shops. Cold Stone seems to own this area.