LEAKED: 6 More Geek Squad Manuals

Here’s 6 more Geek Squad manuals. Combine this with the 6 we’ve already posted and soon we’ll have enough info to open our own franchise.

Customer Satisfaction Index FAQ
Explainer for the Geek Squads customer service metrics system.
CIA Interview Guide
The guide used when hiring a person who works behind counter (hence “counter-intelligence agent…”)
Double Agent Job Description
Job description for the guy who comes to your house to troubleshoot.
Guidelines For Returns, Exchanges, and Warranties for Private Label Products
Title says it all.
Wireless Network Setup Manual
Says our tipster, “I can attest first hand that most agents do NOT follow this or even know that this document exists.”
Media Center Setup Manual
How the Geek Squad sets up Windows Media Center
Download all 6 [ZIP]

Consumers could use some of these manuals to see if a Geek Squad employee is really living up to company standards, or to determine, before going to the store, if the Geek Squad service would be up to their standards. — BEN POPKEN

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  1. Quickness says:

    I worked at the Geek Squad for 2 years, and was there during the launch. Most of the documents that are being posted are rather old. They were “released” when the Geek Squad launched, came in a large box, but were usually just thrown away.

    That CIA interview guide is accurate, as I interviewed several people using that exact guide. Most of the time you can find that guide filled out in the employees file.

    From this story, and the previous stories, you can see how unprepared Best Buy was it came to the launch of the Geek Squad, and how they destroyed any credibility it had.

    These documents are just the tip of the iceberg in the evolution of the Geek Squad and what Best Buy did to make it into a joke.

  2. mantari says:

    Silly question, but why isn’t Best Buy totally attacking you for publishing their copyrighted documents?

    Followup question: Is it also a trade secret if it is not marked ‘trade secret’ but says ‘proprietary and confidential’?

    I’m not accusing, mind you. Just trying to understand this.

  3. JoshuaH says:

    Download link is broken guys.

  4. Ben Popken says:

    @JoshuaH: All the links seem to work fine for me. Anyone else having a problem?

  5. JoshuaH says:

    @JoshuaH: Oh, I guess its just one of the files in the archive is damaged.

  6. Bay State Darren says:

    Geek Squad describing their non-techie agents as Counter (as in contrary to)-Intelligence. Classic! From the horror stories I’ve read here, it sounds just perfect.

  7. nrunge says:

    I was a geeksquad agent for over two years and I never cracked one of those manuals once. They are pretty worthless. The only things you need from GS are the bootable BDE CD-Rom and the Customizer software. They are actually pretty helpful.

    But what do I know right? I was one of those “non-techie” guys. Its not like I am now head of IT Network Operations for a large nation wide insurance company or anything…oh wait I am :]

  8. Quickness says:

    The point of the “Counter Intelligence” people are not to be technical, but to do all the leg work so that the rest of the peoplein the Geek Squad (CIA Agents) can work on computers.

    They do duties such as preping service items to be shipped, calling customers when they have an estimate pending, or their product has returned from the service center. They do morning product check-ins to verify nothing has been misplaced.

    This is one of the few things that I liked that Best Buy did with regards to the Geek Squad.

  9. orthros says:

    What I want to know is… what the hell is Geek Squad doing with this 165,000(!) square foot building in Louisville?? That’s a fifth of a mile long by a third of a mile wide… are there that many computers in the U.S. of A?

    Guess that’s why it takes 3 weeks to get your computer back. It’s taking a vacation in Kentucky.

  10. Deadman says:

    You guys are whacked in the head. Since when is anyone perfect in what they do? You ever stop and think about how many employees Best Buy has? If all consumers had in mind that everything is perfect then I suggest you look at the statistics…for five defective computers manufactured there are at least 4 customers who are dissatisfied at the company who sold it. Furthermore, they take it out on those in the service department as if they could see the problem coming. Consumers these days make me sick! All they do is think they can complain about one thing and then get whatever they want. Whether you’re 13, 33, 63 or 93 you’re still acting like a 3 year old mentally because a tantrum is always the way to solve everything!! I am a counter intelligence agent…I COUNTER YOUR SO-CALLED INTELLIGENCE!!