LEAKED: 6 More Geek Squad Manuals

Here’s 6 more Geek Squad manuals. Combine this with the 6 we’ve already posted and soon we’ll have enough info to open our own franchise.

Customer Satisfaction Index FAQ
Explainer for the Geek Squads customer service metrics system.
CIA Interview Guide
The guide used when hiring a person who works behind counter (hence “counter-intelligence agent…”)
Double Agent Job Description
Job description for the guy who comes to your house to troubleshoot.
Guidelines For Returns, Exchanges, and Warranties for Private Label Products
Title says it all.
Wireless Network Setup Manual
Says our tipster, “I can attest first hand that most agents do NOT follow this or even know that this document exists.”
Media Center Setup Manual
How the Geek Squad sets up Windows Media Center
Download all 6 [ZIP]

Consumers could use some of these manuals to see if a Geek Squad employee is really living up to company standards, or to determine, before going to the store, if the Geek Squad service would be up to their standards. — BEN POPKEN

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