Verizon Takes 6 Months To Install FiOS

RFJason documented the 6-month ordeal it took to get Verizon FiOS installed.

It was a debacle, starting with his first customer service calls to get the fiber optic installed, like this quote from a customer service rep:

    “Sir, I think I know our products pretty well, and there’s no such thing as fie-ohsss here. Maybe you’re thinking of another company.”

In the end, he might have been better off sticking with Comcast. FiOs gave him 5mb download speed versus Comcast’s 4, but if he bundled cable with Comcast, they would’ve boosted his speed to 8mb, for only $15 for internet than with FiOS. — BEN POPKEN

We’re Working Harder To Do Everything We Possibly Can To Screw Up [RFJASON] (Thanks to Nathaniel!)

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