Verizon: Watch Non-Recordable TV On A Tiny Screen For $15 A Month

Wow, what a deal. For only $15 dollars a month, you too can watch “eight channels with a mix of live and delayed programming from CBS, FOX, NBC Entertainment, NBC News, Comedy Central, ESPN, MTV, Nickelodeon,” on your cellphone. The Chicago Tribune says,

I watched on the LG phone and was struck by the video’s sharpness and detail — it felt as if I were watching a miniature HDTV. Under an overcast sky, the screen wasn’t that viewable, and on sunny days, forget it. But in a car or on a bus or indoors, reception and clarity were great.

Watching TV in cars makes us revisit our last meal, so we’ll pass. —MEGHANN MARCO

Verizon puts your TV in your pocket [Chicago Tribune]

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