Pet Food Recall: Was Some Human Food Tainted?

According to the Boston Globe, it’s possible that some of the tainted wheat from China that is suspected to have caused the massive pet food recall ended up in human food (emphasis added):

According to import records, the wheat gluten was shipped to the United States from Nov. 3, 2006 to Jan. 23 of this year and contained “minimal labeling” to indicate whether it was intended for humans or animals. The vast majority went to pet food manufacturers and distributors, according to the FDA. But some of the processing plants that remain under FDA scrutiny make both human and pet food.

“To date, we have nothing that indicates it’s gone into human food,” said Dorothy Miller , director of the FDA’s Office of Emergency Operations . “We have a bit more investigation to do.”

Yep, lots more investigating. —MEGHANN MARCO

Was human food tainted too? [Boston Globe] (Thanks, Mitchell!)
(Photo: Hector Garcia)

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