Bad Consumer: Throwing Taco Bell Food At The Manager Is Rude And Ineffective

If Taco Bell is out of Fire Sauce, do not throw your food at the manager. If you fling burrito guts in a small enough town you may get into the local paper, but you’ll have nothing to eat. From the Asheville Citizen-Times:

The manager said two men in a green car ordered food just before midnight and she told them she was out of certain condiments they had requested. About 20 minutes later she said a man called yelling at her that he did not get all his food. She told the man the store was closed, but he could come by the next morning and talk to the day manager. Five minutes later she heard a loud bang at the drive-thru window and found food splattered outside, according to the report. The manager said she saw the same green car driving away toward Interstate 40.

We will concede the point that Taco Bell is nearly inedible without sauce so hot it is of significant interest to science. —MEGHANN MARCO

Fast-food fury [Asheville Citizen-Times]
(Photo: compujeramey)

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