Bad Consumer: Throwing Taco Bell Food At The Manager Is Rude And Ineffective

If Taco Bell is out of Fire Sauce, do not throw your food at the manager. If you fling burrito guts in a small enough town you may get into the local paper, but you’ll have nothing to eat. From the Asheville Citizen-Times:

The manager said two men in a green car ordered food just before midnight and she told them she was out of certain condiments they had requested. About 20 minutes later she said a man called yelling at her that he did not get all his food. She told the man the store was closed, but he could come by the next morning and talk to the day manager. Five minutes later she heard a loud bang at the drive-thru window and found food splattered outside, according to the report. The manager said she saw the same green car driving away toward Interstate 40.

We will concede the point that Taco Bell is nearly inedible without sauce so hot it is of significant interest to science. —MEGHANN MARCO

Fast-food fury [Asheville Citizen-Times]
(Photo: compujeramey)


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  1. JohnMc says:

    Aaaah. This particular customer missed an gold opportunity!! Since the customer did not find the food good without the sauce they could have made the manager eat it.

    Taco Bell has a slogan — “If you don’t like it we will eat it.”

    Now I would pay to see that. Especially if the tacos were day olds :)

  2. lpranal says:

    When I worked at a liqour store, I had experiences like this all the time. Hell I even had threats made on my life! Not that this doesn’t suck, but there’s certain kinds of businesses whose clientèle is, well… shall we say, less than savory.

  3. altheas says:

    Reminds me of the time that a University of Kansas football player didn’t get his Chalupa so he crawled into the drive-thru window, got stuck, and had to be pried out by the police.

  4. @lpranal: I take offense to that. I am a frequent client of Taco Bell, and I am certainly quite savory, thank you very much.

  5. Trick says:

    Man, turning off a Dell computer really makes a guy hungry. I guess the “How to turn off a Dell Computer” dude went for some Taco Bell after finally shutting his computer off!

  6. letoofdune says:


    The only thing less than savory is the Taco Bell food.

  7. ReccaSquirrel says:

    I know that Taco Bell! I drive by that every day.

  8. lpranal says:

    LOL sarcasm is over.

  9. Scuba Steve says:

    Yes, they do have the “We’ll eat it”, but that just means they’ll do it right or give you your money back. We’re not going to eat someone’s burrito. It’s going in the trash, plain and simple. Everything that’s returned goes straight to the trash.

  10. JohnMc says:

    Scuba Steve,

    [plaintiff] Your honor Taco Bell has a sign that says they will eat it if I don’t like it. (handing judge copy of sign…)
    [TB lawyer] Your honor I object!!
    [Judge] Over what? The fact that he has a copy of the sign or the fact you have to eat it if I rule in his favor?
    [plaintiff] Your honor I have the bag of tacos right here….

  11. Grrrrrrr, now with two buns made of bacon. says:

    I sense a slow newsday…..

  12. Mike_ says:

    A good acquaintance of mine worked at a Meijer customer service desk when we were in high school. One evening, a guy came in the store wanting them to cash his paycheck. For whatever reason, they couldn’t. The guy left, came back a few minutes later, pointed a gun at the clerk’s head and pulled the trigger. The gun was loaded, but it failed to fire.

    People are crazy. Going apeshit and throwing food at the building is pretty harmless in the grand scheme of things, but the same type of person beats up bartenders who won’t over-serve them, or tries to kill a cashier who can’t cash a paycheck.

    Makes me glad I don’t work in retail or food service anymore.

  13. laughingdove says:

    Hey! I’ve been through that Taco Hell. Love it when local news hits my daily internet haunts.

  14. kerry says:

    @Mike_: And sometimes the guy who beats up the bartender is a cop. And then quietly gets charged with a misdemeanor until the public finds out and the superintendent of police has to step down. People are great.

  15. nequam says:

    Just so I understand this diner’s logic:

    1. I didn’t get all the food I ordered;
    2. I will remedy the incomplete order by taking the food I did recieve and throwing it at the side of the restaurant;
    3. I’m hungry.

  16. royal72 says:

    it may be ineffectual and childish for that matter, but it sure makes you feel better.

  17. fishmasta says:

    Back in high school when I worked at a movie theater, I had a guy throw his drink at me because he didn’t like our straws (they weren’t long enough for him). So he lost his money for an expensive theater drink, and the soda. I’m still not sure what he was trying to accomplish.

  18. emax4 says:

    At least The Consumerist rated this douchebag as a bad consumer. I do like nequam’s comment though. Taco Bell got the guy’s money, but that doesn’t justify the customer throwing the food back.

    If I were the manager I’d like for them to try and come back at them, so I can throw their food at their car.

  19. afran303 says:

    Yo tiro Taco Bell!

  20. ZonzoMaster says:


    Dude i was drinking milk when reading your comment, it almost pours out of my nose.

    Good one, lol.

  21. dix99 says:

    What gets me is, why in this day and age does any one run out of stock. This is just pure bad management. This goes to all of them. I’ve been to stores like Home Depot for an end cap on a water line & their out of stock. There on order I’m told. Well, a good manager would have them on order before they run out, unless there was a National shortage, so then it’s understandable. This manager should be demoted…

  22. Greeper says:

    THe news was abuzz last month in VIrginia/DC when a woman was put in jail for one year after throwing her cup of soda at another driver while stopped at a stoplight. She was convicted of “launching a missile.” (No lie). Oh, her husbad was in Iraq fighting the war, they had three kids, and she was on welfare. So somehow her sentence was commuted out of sympathy, but beware: don’t launch food missiles in VA.

  23. Scuba Steve says:

    You don’t get good managers at Taco Bell. You get people who can work late and work a lot on salary.

  24. Jmarsh04 says:

    I’m one of those “unsavory” types who happens to love Taco Bell (it’s somewhat of a guilty pleasure), frequenting both the one near my home, and the one near my work. In the last year, no fewer than five times (between the two stores) have I been told that they ran out of ground beef (or whatever it is that passes for ground beef). I’ve seen them run out of french fries at a Burger King, creamer at a Starbucks, and cups at a Dunkin Donuts.

    In the context of supply and demand, shouldn’t Taco Bell have charged, like, $50 for that last taco that used the “beef,” or $75 for that last cup of coffee at DD? I know the answer (I’m just being a dick), but, why can’t the oil companies follow the same business model as Burger King? “Sure, a gallon of gas is always $1.50, and when we’re out, we’re out. Sorry ’bout that, come back tomorrow.”

  25. theinsanefurry says:

    @dix99: You have never been to a Memphis area KFC then :)

    We stopped going there because for some reason they can not order enough product. At any time during the week any given KFC in our area seems to be out of stock on a large portion of its menu, and this is at 6-7pm.

    Thankfully we have Chik-fil-a and Zaxbys here.