PointMaven Uncovers Superior Hotel Reward Offers

The makers of MileMaven.com, a utility to compare airline reward offers, have expanded their offerings to include PointMaven.com, a utility to compare hotel reward offers. PointMaven displays offers from several conspicuously named hotel reward programs, including the Best Western Gold Crown Club, Choice Privileges, Hyatt Gold Passport, and Intercontinental Hotels Priority Club. Marriott Rewards, Starwood Preferred Guest, and TripRewards are in beta testing, and compatibility with Hilton HHonors and Radisson Gold Points Plus is “coming soon.”

Once you input your destination city or airport code, PointMaven reveals all nearby hotels offering reward points. The results are displayed as a grid, grouped by hotel family and reward program. Results can be further broken down by hotel program, hotel brand, or individual hotel.

PointMaven does not provide an easy way to visualize hotel locations. A search for rewards in New York reveals an offer from a midtown hotel next to an offer from a hotel in Plainview, out on Long Island, where subways dare not roam. The site would be infinitely more useful with an option to superimpose hotel locations on a map. If you know your destination city well, PointMaven is an excellent utility to collect extra hotel reward points. — CAREY GREENBERG-BERGER

UPDATE: Boaz Shmueli from MileMaven.com wrote in with a useful tip. “The hotels are ordered according to their distance from the city center. Within each rectangle, the hotel in the top-left is the nearest to the city center, while the one on the bottom-right is the farthest away.”

PointMaven [via More Than Points]


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  1. alesia says:

    It seems to be a bit buggy, it claims to sort by approximate location, however when I tested Calgary, Alberta, Canada it was quite off. For instance, Sheraton Suites and the Westin are both in central downtown, however they showed up as being further away than the airport Sheraton (far in the North). Some Canadian chains, such as Delta and Fairmont, would be nice to have as well, considering that you can search for Canadian cities.

  2. FREAKHEAD says:

    Thanks for the tip. I travel about 2 weeks out of the month for work and we can keep all travel rewards like FF miles and hotel points. This can help me narrow accomodations.

  3. brxbmr76 says:

    I travel every week throughout the North East and I use Marriott for my hotel stays. Already since January I am a silver member (woo hoo) and racking up points. On average I get 1,000 points per night + 20% for being a silver member.

    Recently I checked my summary after staying 2 nights in a Residence and noticed I only received 1,600 points for the two days. When I called to inquire they informed me that their hotels are under different categories based on location and other factors. So, although it was nice hotel the points didn’t add up to what I normally would get. I thought points were points but I guess not.

    I enjoy reading this site and I will definitely use PointMaven and MileMaven for reference.