How To Find And Join A Credit Union

Credit unions are nonprofit, cooperative, member-owned banking institutions, so they’re less likely to screw you with fees and rules than the major commercial banks.

Credit unions rock, but how do you join them?

The law that established credit unions required that they target specific populations — like employees of a certain company, members of associations, or tradespeople. (Thank FDR.) So while a bank will take just about anyone’s money, a credit union has to see if you’re eligible to join first. If you’re not in the targeted group, then your money’s no good there.

If you want to see which groups you’re eligible to join, visit How to Join a Credit Union. You could be eligible on the basis of your job, your church, your college, your zip code, your religion, or other fun demographic features. There may be multiple credit unions you qualify for, so comparison-shop. MARK ASHLEY

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