Verizon: Test Drive Our Network For 30 Days

Verizon will allow potential customers to try their wireless network for 30 days “virtually risk-free.” The offer, dubbed Test Drive, begins tomorrow.

If at any point during the 30-day Test Drive customers are not satisfied with their experience and take their number to another wireless carrier, Verizon Wireless will refund their money for their calls, equipment, activation fee and taxes, as well as release them from their contract without an early termination fee when they return their phone within the Test Drive period.

Not included are the cost of data services, V CAST, and “certain Verizon Wireless surcharges.”

Verizon, like most cellphone companies, works rabidly to keep their customers from escaping to seemingly greener pastures. Test Drive looks consumer-friendly, but we will withhold final judgement until we see the fine print. — CAREY GREENBERG-BERGER

Test Drive: Verizon Wireless Puts Customers In The Driver’s Seat (Press Release) [PR Newswire]
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  1. elvisaintdead says:

    With Cingular/ATT jumping over Verizon for #1 in terms of user numbers,
    And Alltel, w/ the biggest geographical coverage in the US, putting themselves on the market , this should make for verrrrry interesting watching.

    /At least comcast doesn’t do cellular. (to my knowledge)

  2. Stepehn Colbert says:

    No thanks.

  3. krunk4ever says:

    I thought all cell phone service providers were required to have a 30 day trial period and allow them to cancel w/o any cancellation fees.

    Maybe the difference here is they don’t even have to pay for the usage of those first 30 days.

  4. oldbluebox says:

    There is ONE little thing you should know about this test drive.

    In order to get your money back and not be charged for any data useage/time/minutes you MUST PORT your number to a different carrier.

    In other words, you cant just sign up, cancel and not do anything. Have to take your number to another carrier.

  5. Spants says:

    The only carrier that has a 30 day policy to cancel the service is Cingular all of the other major carriers (like Verizon) have a 15 day policy to cancel service.

  6. nuton2wheels says:

    Cingular already does this, however, you have to pay for the activation and 1 month of service + any features that you used.

  7. FLConsumer says:

    Gee, other providers have been offering this for some time, without the requirement that you port out your number.

  8. OnceWasCool says:

    Why is it the cell phone companies are run like used car dealerships? Every one of them have some kind of hoops that you must jump through. Why not pay their people normally instead of offering bonuses for ripping people off. Cingular was a nightmare me, but my friend had to pay over 600 dollars to cancel his Verizon contract early. Just sick of the poor customer service.

  9. scoobydoo says:

    They always had a 14 day trial, and I got suckered into testing their data service. BIG mistake.

    It took me 10 calls to get my money back, at which point they still continued to bill me. They’d refund me, bill me, refund me, bill me. Turns out that the store hadn’t canceled it at all, probably to protect their sales figures.

    These trials are worthless, the best thing to do is borrow the phone of a friend for a day or so and check coverage in places you hang out.

  10. mac-phisto says:

    save yourself a lot of time & hassle. if you want to test a service, get the prepaid version first, or just borrow a friends’ phone, or if your friends’ phone is hermetically sealed to his head, just drive them around & ask them if it works or not. these “test drives” will require that you absorb a lot of fees (activation fee: ~$36, prorated time @ ~$0.50/min., etc.), plus the phone must be returned to the original store in LIKE NEW CONDITION (no scratches, complete package). this 30-day guarantee is not as easy as it sounds when you actually try to call them on it.

  11. royal72 says:

    gimmie a “b”
    gimmie a “u”
    gimmie a “l”
    gimmie a “l”
    gimmie a “s”
    gimmie a “h”
    gimmie a “i”
    gimmie a “t”
    what’s that spell “bullshit!” it’s not a test drive, it’s an opportunity to get you signed up. getting your money back and hopefully not your credit ruined, is about as easy as trying to get a rebate paid. don’t do it! go with mac-phisto’s advice (above).

  12. Matt S says:

    This Test drive will refund EVERYTHING if you port your # to another carrier within 30 days. Thats ETF, Activation, Voice charges, Voice Overages, Taxes, Surcharges, etc. The only requirements are porting your # and returning the equipment in like new condition. The only thing you pay is for data charges (application downloads, ringtones, TXT packs, PDA data packages).

    Voice, Service, Activation, Taxes are all waived.

  13. nuton2wheels says:

    Word of warning to all of you Verizonites. I renewed my account for *ONE* year when I upgraded to a new phone. At the Verizon store, I made this explicitly clear and the representative understood. She even underlined the contract end date on my receipt, and it was correctly reflected as being in 2008.

    I got home and checked my account online and to my surprise, it ended on the same day 2 years from now. I called the customer service number and complained. The representative had NO evidence that this was the case on his system and contacted the saleslady at the store! Luckily she was there and confirmed my case (either she made a mistake, the “system” made a mistake, or she was trying to “upgrade” her metrics score), so he manually decreased my contract termination date by one year.

    Make sure you save those contracts, or it’s your word against someone else’s.

  14. Jordo20 says:

    I work for a Verizon Indirect agent… The test drive is a great way to get customers in the door.. But one thing everyone has to know is that you HAVE to port out to another company before Verizon will take you out of you contract and not make you liable for anything.

    I also have to disagree with mac-phisto, trying the prepaid is NOT a better way to test our service out. The Easy-pay and Inpulse do NOT have the same coverage as the contract plans not anywhere close.. Plus you have roaming fees on the pre-paid…. I think everyone can think of something else to spend $91.86 on..

    The only reason Alltell has such great service is because they have towers in every hick bumfuck place you can think of, plus they use all of Verizons towers to boot.

    Just a bit to think on!

  15. Jordo20 says:

    I have one more piece of advice… If you have problems go see an indirect store, they don’t call the same 1-800 number everyone else calls. We have our own in house number we call it makes things alot easier to handle. Indirect agents have more power then everyone thinks.. We ARE able to post credits to customers bills, so one or another you will get some kind of satisfaction.

    I do have to say that in my region and the store I work for is prob one of the best. And I know we beat out any competitor!