Fake AT&T Workers Steal From Unsuspecting Customers

According to Fox Cleveland, “fake AT&T workers” are going door to door asking to see customer’s bills and gaining access to their homes. The thieves have a taste for electronic dictionaries:

According to Lt. Thomas Stacho of the Cleveland Police Department, three men claiming to work for the phone company knocked on the door of an an elderly couple living in an apartment on Payne Avenue.

According to Stacho, the men claimed to work for AT&T and told the couple they needed to see the couple’s phone bill.

The couple, who did not want to be identified, tells Fox 8 News they became uncomfortable with the men when they began looking around the apartment, touching items and grabbing the phone so a call to AT&T, or police, could not be made.

According to the couple, as soon as the men left the apartment they noticed an electronic dictionary was missing.

AT&T does solicit door-to-door, but did not have people in the area at the time of this incident. AT&T defends the practice of soliciting door-to-door as “a very legitimate business practice,” and “a service to the customer.” We remind you not to let strangers into your house, and to always ask salespeople to show proper ID.—MEGHANN MARCO

Fake AT&T Workers Steal from Cleveland Residents [My FOX Cleveland]

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