Recalls: Attack Of The Unsafe Washing Machines!

Samsung and Maytag front-loading washers are being recalled for fire hazard this fine morning, so run downstairs and check your machine to see if it’s engulfed in a raging fireball of doom. If not, and its numbers match the recall, we have some information for you. From the CPSC:

Hazard: Water leakage onto the electrical connections to the washing machine’s thermal sensor could cause an electrical short and ignite a circuit board, posing a fire hazard to consumers.

Sold at: Major department and appliance stores nationwide from April 2005 through August 2006 for between $1,000 and $1,200.

Step 1: Click here to see if your serial number matches the recall. Not all washers are being recalled.

Step 2: For more information, consumers can call Maytag toll-free at (800) 868-5109 between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. ET Monday through Friday, or go to Maytag’s Web site at – Samsung customers can call (800) 515-7902 between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. ET Monday through Friday, or go to Samsung’s Web site at



and Samsung

Brand Front Loading Washing Machines Recalled Due to Fire Hazard [CPSC] (Thanks, LAGirl!)


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  1. Franklin Comes Alive! says:

    Brilliant picture.

  2. Meg Marco says:

    Thank you!

  3. zaz says:

    I have one of the Maytag washing machines being recalled. The “fix” is to send out a GFCI plug so that it will kill the power if whatever component gets wet.

    Mine will be here in 10-14 days. They told me in the meantime, if I am not using the washer to keep it unplugged.

  4. mindshadow says:

    Funny, my wife has been wanting one of those bright read Samsung washer & drier sets. I suppose now I’ll have to tell them they’ll burst into flames. :)

  5. FLConsumer says:

    Maytag just doesn’t seem to know how to make front-load washers. They’ve had problems from their very first Neptune front-loader.

    Stick with the Euro brands, they’ve been making them for 40+ years now.

  6. Youthier says:

    @FLConsumer: These particular Maytag models are actually produced by Samsung and were liscensed by Maytag.

  7. FLConsumer says:

    Ouch… I wouldn’t have expected Samsung to make a mistake like that. $1,000-$2,000 for these!?!?! You can get a Miele washer for less than $2,000 and it’ll last you 20-30 years.

  8. RandomHookup says:

    Well, let’s see…Maytag had dishwashers recalled last month and washers this month. What’s the over/under on dryers?