American Airlines Skycaps, Upset With Low Tip, Fill Suitcase With Garbage

Airport skycaps have been admittedly screwed over in recent years. Airlines have imposed $2 curbside check-in fees, but none of that money goes to the skycap. Most people don’t know that, and don’t tip.

But these American Airlines skycaps at Miami International Airport went too far in pushing for tips:

I checked one bag with him, and, after giving him $2 plus $1 tip, he said my tip wasn’t enough. I thought he was joking. He said $2 went to American Airlines, and he needed more than a dollar tip per bag to make a living. I said I thought the gratuity was up to my discretion. He said not if I wanted my bag intact when it arrived in Chicago – and suggested I take my bag inside if I didn’t give him a better tip.

I was stunned and asked the skycap next to him if harassing customers for tips was part of American’s policy. He said yes, with a smug look. I said I was going inside to talk to customer service. As I walked away with my baggage-claim number, he said he couldn’t guarantee my bag would arrive safely in Chicago.
I boarded the plane and picked up my suitcase in Chicago without a problem. But, when I got home, I found bags of messy garbage in my luggage! I had to dry-clean some clothing and am considering throwing away the suitcase.

A $1 tip gets you some complimentary trash. What would a $0 tip yield?

American’s response: “Appropriate action was taken.” The passenger got 8000 frequent flyer miles and an apology. No reimbursement for the dry cleaning bill. Stay classy, American! MARK ASHLEY

Give a good tip to Miami skycap or get a surprise in your luggae (sic) [Daily Southtown] (Run a spell-check, people!)
(Photo: dann :*)

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