UPDATE: Best Buy Still Using Its Secret Website

As you know, Best Buy has confirmed the existence of a second “secret” website that looks identical to BestBuy.com, but has different prices and is only available inside Best Buy stores. This misleading website has been shown to customers who come into Best Buy stores looking to price match a product seen on the website. Best Buy is currently under investigation in Connecticut, but it seems as if at least one store is still showing customers the “secret” website instead of the real one. Reader Christopher writes:

I have read on your website about deceptive practices involving Best Buy where they advertise one thing on their website for a price, and then it is different when you go in the store.

Today I wanted to purchase a simple CD for Son Volt’s new album, The Search. On bestbuy.com it is advertised at 9.99, available for in store purchase, or online. I drove to a local Best Buy store to find it listed for 13.99. I took it to the customer service counter, and the person at the desk showed me a website listing it for 13.99. He stated, “maybe thats a special on-line pricing for the CD.” I shook my head in disgust and walked out. Misleading advertising will doom this company. Hopefully people will catch on at some point.

You’d think they’d cut it out during an investigation. —MEGHANN MARCO

(Photo: cmorran123)

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