Massive Pet Food Recall After Animal Deaths

60 millions cans and pouches of pet food were recalled this weekend after being linked to 10 animal deaths by kidney failure.

Menu Foods announced the recall on “cuts and gravy” style pet food sold under numerous brands, including store brands for Wal-Mart, Kroger, and Safeway, as well as name-brands like Nestl

Purina PetCare and Science Diet.

A complete list of affected products and serial numbers is on Menu Foods website.

Symptoms of kidney failure include lethargy and jaundice. Immediate hospitalization is advised if your pet shows these symptoms and you’ve fed them a can of the recalled product.

What makes this really sad is owners often feed cuts and gravy style canned food to their pets as a special treat. One reader wrote in saying she gave some to her dog for its birthday, only to discover later the cans were part of the recalled batch.

Menu Foods floundered over the weekend in keeping pace with concerned consumer inquiries. The list of recalled product was initially only available as an excel sheet. A “contact us” section, now removed, led to a “404 not found” error. Menu Foods toll-free recall line, (866) 895-2708, continues to emit a constant busy signal. — BEN POPKEN

Pet Food Is Recalled After Link to Animal Deaths [NYT]
(Photo: Artnchicken)

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