Get Comcast Internet Without $50 Activation Fee

Blueprint For Financial Prosperity tells us how to get Comcast internet installed without paying a $50 activation fee.

…the activation fee is so that you have the pleasure of waiting at your home during a four hour window, where they will invariably show up an hour after the end of the window, just so the guy (or gal) can do one of two things:

• If you live in an apartment, he will unscrew your coaxial cable panel from the wall, and connect the cable on the inside with the jack, or,
• He will find the box outside, open it up (it’s hardly ever locked), and connect it.

So, to avoid the $50 charge, just connect it yourself and ask for the self-install kit.

You will still have to call in to finalize the activation, so be sure to block out at least 30 min of hold time. — BEN POPKEN

Avoid Comcast’s Internet Installation Activation Fee [Blueprint For Financial Prosperity]
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  1. muddgirl says:

    I have Time Warner, and when I tried to ask for the self-install kit, I was told that this was not an option for first time customers.

  2. Ben Popken says:

    @muddgirl: That’s when you tell them, “that’s okay, I’m smart and can take care of it myself.”

  3. BMR says:

    even better is to walk in to your local Comcast storefront (they have lots of them) and pick up the install kit in person. Of course you’ll want to confirm their availability, but this is how I did it. I would also recommend calling Comcast to set up your hi-speed rather than doing it online. It is toll free and was much simpler than it appeared to be w/ the online interface.

  4. FLConsumer says:

    “How to get Comcast internet installed”?!?! Isn’t this like saying, “how to get gonnhorea” or “how to drive a painful spike through your hand”? I realize internet options are few in many areas, BUT for the love of God, stay away from Comcast. I’ve wasted over 16 hours on hold with those idiots, and I was talking to the Comcast Commercial idiots, which are an upgrade from the typical Comcast Residential idiots.

  5. Karl says:

    Those boxes typically have a warning label stating that it’s a crime to open them without authorization. If you only order Internet service, they’re supposed to place a filter on your line as well.

    Several years ago, there was a story about an AT&T Broadband (or was it TCI?) customer that was charged with illegally obtaining cable service because the installer forgot to place the filter on and flag the line as being Internet-only. The cable company tried to have the charges dropped, but the DA went ahead with the case anyway.

  6. QuirkyRachel says:

    I did the self-install kit with Comcast and it worked pretty well. It took 3 hours to connect, with an hour on the phone with customer service. In the end, I found and fixed the issue myself. ha! Btu seriously, it’s pretty easy to do and worth saving $50.

  7. disavow says:

    It may just be a local (Kansas City, MO) thing, but Comcast here also requires “professional” setup for first-time customers. I even tried ordering at Circuit City and having the sales PFY select self-install, but then Comcast overrode it. Sad thing is the Fat Guy didn’t even flip a switch or move a cable; he just called the modem’s MAC address into corporate, which I could have done, and advanced menacingly toward my computer with a setup CD, which I stopped him from doing.

  8. BMR says:

    Comcast has never given me reason to complain…and yes they have a lock on service in my area, so I suppose I am licky.

  9. BMR says:

    lucky, not licky!

  10. mschlock says:

    Psst: if Comcast misses an appointment window, call them and ask for the missed appointment credit. It’s $20 around here. Obviously not enough to offset a $50 install but good for a guy who’s late dropping off your cable box.

  11. NeoteriX says:

    Comcast refused to let me do it myself as well, despite being a well-educated law student, and despite reading it on the website. I told them I would be calling up Verizon next.

  12. kuipo says:

    @mschlock: totally true! i can tell you that because I have had to give that credit more than once ;) and also, well actually I’m not sure about the “professional” setup for 1st time customers, but I’ll check it out on Wednesday, since tomorrow is one of my days off!

  13. biledemon says:

    To offset the $50 do this:

    1) Get your own Comcast approved cable modem.
    2) Jot down the serial # and MAC # (should be on the back of the cable modem)
    3) Attach your cable modem to your computer’s network card or USB (i rather not use a USB connection though)
    4) Attach cable to cable modem: turn it on.
    5) Call Comcast tech support: Internet Services and say this WORD FOR WORD:

    I got my self-install kit from the local office here in “city, state”. I would like to provision my comcast approved cable modem with your node so I can get it up and running.

    The serial # is ” ” and the MAC address is ” “.

    The comcast person will surely say: “please wait while we provision your cable modem.”

    I was up and runing within 10 minutes. If you just say: “I bought this self install kit and I would like internet service please” you are NOT gonna get speedy results (be prepared to be on the phone for a while).

    Good luck. Oh..and ask for the six months trial for $19.99 for the 6 megabit or $29.99 for the 8 megabit connection.

  14. Jorel says:

    Comcast won’t always let you do a self-install. If they won’t have them do a professional install and when it comes to the last step of the process, authenticating using their annoying software–deny them access to the computer. In my case it was being installed on my room mate’s computer and I didn’t have his password so we couldn’t install it. The installer said if we do it ourselves he could offer a $30 credit. So we got $30 back for inserting a CD and typing a couple of first-time login credentials.