Get Comcast Internet Without $50 Activation Fee

Blueprint For Financial Prosperity tells us how to get Comcast internet installed without paying a $50 activation fee.

…the activation fee is so that you have the pleasure of waiting at your home during a four hour window, where they will invariably show up an hour after the end of the window, just so the guy (or gal) can do one of two things:

• If you live in an apartment, he will unscrew your coaxial cable panel from the wall, and connect the cable on the inside with the jack, or,
• He will find the box outside, open it up (it’s hardly ever locked), and connect it.

So, to avoid the $50 charge, just connect it yourself and ask for the self-install kit.

You will still have to call in to finalize the activation, so be sure to block out at least 30 min of hold time. — BEN POPKEN

Avoid Comcast’s Internet Installation Activation Fee [Blueprint For Financial Prosperity]
(Photo: cmorran123)

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